How To Stop Procrastinating?.. –  Day 7

How To Stop Procrastinating?.. –  Day 7

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So, because your time is precious – we’ll keep this short and sweet.

Have you ever considered that procrastination could be one of your most expensive words? What do we mean by that?

Step 1 for What are the excuses you keep making to To Stop Procrastinating ?

4 Simple Steps Even If You’re Lazy If you’re reading this, then you’ve taken the first step to solving your problem – just by finding out how to stop procrastinating. What is procrastination? It’s a thief of your precious time which quietly robs you of minutes and hours and days, never to be seen again. You search for answers and wonder where the time has gone, but it’s too late! So, you need to discover how to stop procrastinating. If you don’t discover how to stop procrastinating, it’ll be the habit that strangles your success and your progression in life. Fear of failure can cause procrastination too – so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if you let it get the better of you. What are your costliest words that you use to yourself to justify not taking action, which rationalise staying within your comfort zone?

Procrastination - Stop-Making-Excuses.


Some of the most common ones we’ve used in the past, before we learned how to stop procrastinating, are:

  • I’m too tired to do that now…
  • I’ve done enough today already…
  • I just need to do this first…
  • Before I can start I need to…
  • Such and such is on telly tonight so I’ll do it tomorrow…

Do they sound familiar? What are your most expensive excuses? Once you’ve identified them, start to be very sceptical of their truthfulness when you next catch yourself thinking them next. Question yourself as to whether they’re real or not. In fact, turn them into reasons to take immediate action to achieve the success that you deserve. Recognising these excuses is your first step in understanding how to stop procrastinating.

Step 2 for How To Stop Procrastinating – Just Get Started

Procrastination - time is too precious

Ask yourself if a job really needs doing now. If yes, then just get started straight away without even thinking about it. Usually the hardest part is getting started. Remember, that when you finish that job, reward yourself for finishing it and winning one battle over procrastination. If you celebrate each victory, you’ll reinforce to yourself that you know how to stop procrastination.

Step 3 for How To Stop Procrastinating – Get Organised!

Disorganization breeds procrastination. So get organized and write a to-do list with the most urgent task at the top. Make a deal with yourself that you can’t do anything else until you accomplish at least one thing on your to-do list. Make giant strides with tiny steps. Which leads to our fourth step:

Step 4 for How To Stop Procrastinating – Break Big Tasks Into Tiny Chunks

Procrastination - GetOrganizedWithoutLosingIt

A small manageable task is much more appetising than trying to swallow an entire project. It’s a bit like the age-old joke: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! So if you’ve taken on a big project like writing a book or building a house, you won’t be able to see light at the end of the tunnel because the elephant is standing in the way! Take ‘bites’ out of that elephant one at a time, and soon it’ll be gone. No matter how small each sub-task is, it’s another step toward completion. If you find these tips overwhelming, just take one of them – and use it now! And then you’ve started! Which is a huge step in learning how to stop procrastinating!

With special thanks to Jo Barnes who inspired much of this content.

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Inspired by Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars and Game of Tribes for which many thanks.

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