What makes you Happy!- Singing-Dancing-Or-What!!…..

HAPPY CAFEWhat makes you Happy!- Singing-Dancing-Or-What!!…..

Here’s a good start! Happy – the link is here:-www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtM

Why not click on here each morning to make you feel HAPPY!


John Denver, one of my favourite singers as people will tell you down at the “local hop!” My first song is “Take me Home, Country Roads.” I am doing a series of songs for various singers one at a time. You may ask why? Well, normally I get that “early morning feeling” – “you know what I mean ‘Arry!”

Singing is a great joy to me as many of you know and this cheers me up enormously. We all need something to get us going and inspire us to do great things “all night long” sorry whoops I mean “all day long!” – well, singing is mine. What is yours? I recorded this song only twice and set it up quite quickly. Okay no smart comments please!

My reason for doing this apart from enjoying what I do is:- LET ME HAVE YOUR CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS SO THAT I CAN IMPROVE MY PERFORMANCE! John Denver Country roads

I note that the background sound is a bit muffled but I am working on that! Anyway just let me know – I am also happy to consider “polite” requests!


Here is my first song of this new series:- http://www.redkaraoke.com/profile/noahsarkio/recordings/370586

That’s all Folks!

Cheers John :)

BY THE WAY FOR THOSE WHO LIVE IN AND AROUND WESTWARD HO! NORTH DEVON DO YOU RECOGNISE WHERE I GET HAPPY.. VIEW THE PICTURE ABOVE!!I will buy a cup of coffee to the first person who gives me the correct answer!!!

Motivated by the Inspiration of Others and the Love of Music.

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