What Makes Social Media Important? Guide Day 9

What Makes Social Media Important?

My 30 Day Simple Network Marketing Guide Day 9

Special media is the coming together of traditional communication with today’s networking to create a platform where information is transferred in various ways and directions simultaneously. Key elements include:-

  • the ability to not only communicate rapidly, but to build large tribes of followers
  • Platforms such as Twitter, instant messaging and texting create near real time communication without using a telephone.
  • Open a Twitter account – interact with others who have similar interests

  1. Building a following and follow other “Tweets” – sending a “Tweet” every time goes to your down-line of followers
  2. They “Re-Tweet” your message then it will do the same to their down-line of followers as well
  3. It is very clear how the messages can spread and be of a large benefit no matter whether you are using this type of platform for personal or business reasons
  4. This method of rapid communication gives your clients the “Value Added Benefit” that they expect by increasing your level of speed and efficiency. “Adding value to your clients through social media is a sure-fire path to success”
  • Facebook fan page – defining presence in the FB community

  1. Pay close attention to a few elements when developing your fan page. As with any form of marketing, your first impression makes a significant impact.
  2. Start with your name – a name that reflects who you are and what you do. Be creative and draw interest. “A really cool name.”
  3. Next step is to develop your profile picture – ie your Gravatar. Include some very interesting graphics which should be distinctly connected to your business either by a picture or your logo.
  4. Now, develop a welcome page with a specific call to action to be included – be designed and developed to persuade your audience to want to not only “Like” your fan page, but opt-in with their name and email address.

“These are the most important elements of your Facebook “make-up”. It is important to understand that since Facebook has over 1billion registered users,  having a very creative and interesting fan page provides a great platform to get your business exposed to the online community.”

“The importance of maximizing your potential cannot be stressed enough…become unstoppably empowered”

  • Why Your Linked-­In Profile Could be Your Most Important Profile?

  1. Many know that having a first class profile on Linked-In is a major key to their business success. Linked-In’s contribution to social media evolves without the social chatting that is often seen in many venues.
  2. It is a business networking forum where professionals can network to build long-term and strategic relationships. Some individuals refer to Linked-In as your “online resume” resource.
  3. It is also most valuable from a strategic standpoint in that it has the ability to take those networked relationships that you are developing and begin researching the credentials of the individual and firm(s) that they represent.
  4. It has more flexibility with regards to joining and developing groups, than other social sites like Facebook. These groups consist of like-minded professionals who have their own networks.
  5. When you post something to a group that you belong to, it has that “Twitter” effect…everyone in the down-line of a member of the group will see the status update.
  6. This further defines the importance of integrating yourself into the world of social media which has changed the way we communicate. No doubt it will define the way we do business in the future.

“There is a time to let things happen, and a time to make things happen.  The time to make things happen is now.”

Tweet Your Way to Social Success

Twitter is a unique social media tool developing large tribes of followers. On Twitter, thousands of Tweets are sent out to millions of users at any given time. There is no better medium for rapid fire information dispersal today.
Be interactive as you follow other Twitter users and develop your down-line of followers, Spend time “Re-Tweeting” other interesting Tweets sent out by individuals in your tribe. It is so simple to develop relationships with other Twitter users. They are very community oriented and interactive.  “What you put in…you will get out”.

Do you want a following or an “interested following”? In order to gain a positive experience on Twitter, you really need “real” interaction…not just randomly building a Twitter following.

As you build your social media platforms, make sure that you are integrating them together. Give your audience the positive news that you are branding yourself in many different social media venues. This branding method is so vital to your online social media experience and Twitter is a crucial aspect of successful branding.
Can you afford not to be on Twitter?

“Some make it happen. Some watch it happen.
Some say, “What happened”?
Which one is you?”

All together now –  Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and others!

Inspired by Martin Casper with many thanks

More in Day 10 of the Guide

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