What is your Reason Why and Why It’s Happening!…

What is your Reason Why and Why It’s Happening!… Design your life

Having been on a long, long journey over the last couple of years, I have realised now why I haven’t been going in the right direction and then one day recently it HIT ME RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!

These past few months, in fact, have not been a waste of time as I have quietly been gaining advice and friendships from all over the world. In their different ways they were telling me about the pathway I should travel! So one inspirational day I wrote a BLOG POST WHICH CONVEYED TO ME THE WAY FORWARD. Please click here about that moment of inspiration.

This set me on a journey and I hope this next blog post will help to inspire you to join me on that same road. Please click here.

AND finally a Stress and Health Warning about those Shiny Objects!… which was the subject of the final part of my journey here – please click here.

I just had to REMIND myself of the WHY of what I’m doing! All I can say is that the journey is worth it with so much support and help from my family and friends. I now know precisely what to do – all I need to do is JUST DO IT! just-do-it

By what I’m doing… and WORKING VERY HARD NOW, even at my age I know that by sacrificing many days when I should be relaxing into retirement, I am preparing a future for my wife and family….

I have worked hard all my life from the age of 16 to help support my family past and present because I know that much of all this is my responsibility…. I feel that I could have done better in my life for my family in the past…

AND NOW THAT IS WHAT I’M DOING! “That’s why it’s so IMPORTANT to FOCUS and take daily action… make the sacrifices…you need to make today, so you can live a BETTER tomorrow…” I try to LIVE a balanced life where I work during week days and have the weekends off with Family and Friends. Mind you SOMETIMES IT’S NOT A PERFECT SCIENCE!

My loyalty, to those who either employed me and later to those who appointed me as a consultant, was often questioned by my family, my wife in particular! Why was I working so hard over long hours and traveling all over the world?

I was driven by the belief that WORKING HARD WAS THE WAY FORWARD TO THE GOOD LIFE!

Work hard nobody-cares


Okay we do have a comfortable lifestyle but after all that effort and sacrifice it should have been better!


BUT AFTER I retired three years ago I started an online business and never looked back. I still work hard but  NOW THE CHOICE OF WORK AND PLAY TIME IS DOWN TO ME AND THE FAMILY!

You can work 24 hours a day and overlook the family and friends you care about…But one day the people you care about will be gone, and was all that hard work and effort worth it?…So spend precious time with them whilst they are still alive and in your LIFE… and look after them…”RESPECT them…DON’T take them for granted…So, BALANCE your life…”

Happiness     Health      Wealth

I will always be most grateful to my family and friends who are so unforgettable! Here follows a short message of appreciation. PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Keywords! Unforgettable!, Nat King Cole, Tongue in Cheek, Fun, Corny, You’ll Never Too Old, Thank you, thank you very much!!

If I can help you find what you want JUST CONTACT ME!

Build. Lead. Inspire with special thanks to Gavin Mountford.

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2 Responses to What is your Reason Why and Why It’s Happening!…

  1. John,

    Just today I talked about the very same thing with my Monday morning Mastermind Group. We have been talking every Monday since 2008. Today I needed them to remind me of my Why. I had retired from my position as a professor and for the past few years I seem to be working just as hard, only not commuting. But I do have a purpose, to help men and women heal their relationships through love, learning how to love themselves first and then others. Seems so simple and yet it may the hardes work we do in our lives.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted…Other People Make Relationships Difficult – 3 Questions To Ask YourselfMy Profile

    • John says:

      Dear Erica, so many thanks for your very nice warm message – like you say it doesn’t matter what your why is, so long as you positively identify with it and do something about it! Your why is so worthwhile. Kind regards, John

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