What is the Platinum Rule?.Day 8 Part 1

What is the Platinum Rule?..Day 8 Part 1

Provocative - some ID please


Well, we want to share something provocative with you.

It’s an email that Greg and Fiona Scott received that had a BIG impact on them AND ON ME! Much of the email could have written by me as I resonate with it so well.

It really got them and me thinking.

And wondering!

It asks BIG questions.

So we’re going to share it with you here,

It’s a story to learn from

And it asks some punchy questions at the end.

Questions that may very well raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

But read it – read it right to the end. THIS ARTICLE IS IN TWO PARTS!

We all know what the Golden Rule is, right? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This rule was a big part of the foundation of our moral conditioning as kids. The thing about the Golden Rule is that it calls on you to be the bigger person . . . to turn the other cheek, to forgive and forget, etc, etc.


However, over the years we have found that our conditioning has often set us up to be taken advantage of, cheated on, and ripped off. We used to attribute this to us just being overly trusting, an eternal optimist who sees the best in everything. We would end up blaming ourselves when someone harmed us, not them.

Greg and Fiona says:-
“Recently though, as in the last few years, I had some major stuff go sideways on me. People whom I had entrusted to run my businesses, decided to lie, cheat, and steal, costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Initially, the shock of their actions forced me into denial mode as I tried to rationalize their behaviour.

Here’s one example: In 2010, I partnered with 9-time New York Times best-selling author David Bach to launch a product line based on his best-seller, “The Automatic Millionaire.” After almost a year of preparations, building out the products, developing the marketing materials, shooting video, etc., we were ready to launch. The week of the launch, my general manager (and marketing director) decided to pull one of the most brutal stunts, leaving me in the lurch.

I got up one morning and as I was sipping my coffee, checked my inbox. There was an email there from him at 5 AM. Basically, it read: “I’m at the airport, just checked in. Heading to Utah for the week. Emergency- will explain when I land.”

At first, my reaction was, “Geez- I hope everything is ok!” My first reaction wasn’t anger or upset, not the least . . . My partner on the other hand, flipped out completely. He was livid! His reaction was immediate and uncensored, trust me. There were expletives, sputtering, the whole 9 yards. In retrospect, considering the gravity of the situation and what was at stake, even his response was likely less angry than it justifiably could have been.

Identity by a model!Provocative - not an emergency

Turns out the “emergency” was an upset girlfriend, nothing life threatening and certainly nothing to justify dropping everything on launch week and bolting for Utah, the day before the biggest launch in our company’s history. Life goes on and less than 24 hours later we launched. 20,000 people hit our server the first hour and the firewall overloaded and locked the site. Long story short, this could have well happened even if he had been in the office. However, the principle of his absence and how he failed to communicate properly was an issue.

And, you guessed it . . . Not being held accountable for this incident gave this guy the permission to continue his behaviour, eventually costing him his job.

I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. I am flexible, accommodating, and likely the world’s best boss. My personal assistants make more money than I ever did working a job! As long as people pull 150% of their weight and give their best effort, everything is good. The reward is tons of job freedom and strong compensation.

But, take it for granted and start slacking off . . .? Zap!”

Turning to my own situation, although in somewhat different circumstances…I will explain in Part 2  

With special thanks to Greg and Fiona Scott who inspired me to write and report on this content

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Inspired by Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars and Game of Tribes for which many thanks.

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