What inspires your emotions – Handel’s Messiah or what!

What inspires your emotions – Handel’s Messiah or what!

I took our daughter’s dog for a walk locally around Westward Ho! beach today here in North Devon on this glorious morning. I felt so good in myself and was thinking that at last I have found something which is making a tremendous difference to my life. The search is over – I am now doing some great training all about the Internet and the business opportunities that are opening up to me. I feel excited, inspired and at the same time very emotional about what my future offers me. AND then I suddenly thought of one of my blogs which was in draft form! It was based on a letter I wrote to The North Devon Journal and was published in late November 2010. It was about a concert we had attended based on Handel’s Messiah. I must have been totally inspired to write that letter because it was the very first time that I had ever done anything like that!

What inspires your emotions – what drives you to do something that you would never dream of doing! Something catches your eye or you hear something – it reminds of wonderful times you’ve had with family and friends, good things that have come your way, how you want your future to be and your memory becomes full of emotion. Every time I hear Handel’s Messiah and in particularly “The Hallelujah Chorus” I feel very emotional and inspired by it. Everything stops, I close my eyes and feel the joy of this wonderful piece of music – so uplifting. Just do that when you next have the opportunity and you’ll know what I mean!

The letter is quoted below but before that here is that next opportunity! Close your eyes and feel the emotion and inspiration – it does that every time for me!

Handel’s Messiah >>>>here it is:-

“The Messiah comes to South Molton, Devon!

It was a totally inspirational evening when Handel’s Messiah was performed at the Pannier Market, South Molton on Sunday 27th November 2010. Regular visitors to the Market would not have recognised it! It was beautifully decorated for Christmas with full catering facilities and other services. The first impression was how large was the participation of the choir and the audience going to be? There were hundreds of chairs formed like an amphi-theatre!

We arrived around 5.00pm and the South Molton Town Band was in full swing with a mix of Christmas and other popular songs. It set a great atmosphere for the evening and people from all over Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Bristol flocked in! “All we like sheep.” There were around 200 in the choir and over 500 in the audience. A young lady sang a few songs wonderfully without any music accompaniment which added to this joyous occasion. AND THEN, in keen anticipation, by 6.30pm, the full choir, soloists and musicians arrived to take their places in this “cathedral-like” venue.

George Frideric Handel

The concert commenced with an overture played on an organ and from there everyone was enthralled with every aspect of it – in particular with the Chorus sessions – “And the glory of the Lord; Glory to God; All we like sheep have gone astray; Lift up your heads, O ye gates and of course the Hallelujah Chorus.” There were so many great solo parts but one was very meaningful – “I know that my redeemer liveth.”

I had not been to a concert of “The Messiah” for a very long time but having seen performances at the Royal Albert Hall, Dorking Hall and many churches and indeed I took part in many concerts myself when I was a choirboy/baritone over the years. I have never enjoyed myself as much as I did on this particular occasion. It was just a group of people who had come together earlier in the January and were inspired to do something special for charity and the community – what a great choice of music! Their joy and passion came over in this concert – many people were quite emotional with the meaningful words sang out and the messages created by it which are still so relevant today.

Many hearty congratulations to everyone involved in this epic occasion by so many people too numerous to mention except John Parkhouse and John Hobbs who were among the founders of the event, and who with them, created a landmark occasion which I hope will be repeated in North Devon for many years to come.”

For some information on George Frideric Handel visit:

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