Welcome to Game Of Tribes!…Part 2

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Welcome to Game Of Tribes!…Part 2

People don't care how much you know

#4. Care

There is a powerful quote…

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”

One of the REASONS members of Game Of Tribes! do so well is because we truly CARE for other people and are more likely to become one of your RAVING fans… and help spread your message across the web…

#5. Give

Have you noticed that the more you GIVE to other people, the more you receive back. You’ve just got to GIVE back enough value to other people first before you get your rewards…it is better to give help to others because you want to and not just to get recognition or money.

Zig Ziglar once said…

“If you HELP enough other people get what they want in this world… then you can have anything you want…”

It’s a very TRUE quote – as those people begin to succeed, it will dramatically raise your position up.

#6. Empower

Our purpose is to EMPOWER other people and to give them the skills, tools and knowledge to go out and DO IT for themselves. It can change their lives forever from a dusty pebble into a beautiful shiny object that they were always meant to be…

People feel inspired to take action themselves when they see you take action – ultimately they become EMPOWERED to move forward.

#7. Grow

Growth as a person comes as you stretch yourself by learning new strategies into your business as you network and MASTERMIND with other members – moving forward, growing and becoming the person you WANT to be by MOTIVATING and molding you into a LEADER.

Confident and creative

Confident and creative

People will notice your growth in confidence and wonder what has happened to you as you begin to ATTRACT more and more positive and successful people into your life.

#8. Teach

Having created your own tribe, following and raving fan base, you will start to see SUCCESS in your business… it’s then your turn to GIVE back and TEACH others…

Each week, you’ll be LEARNING new skills and you’ll use your Researcher & Reporter knowledge to Blog about that information, and in turn dramatically increase your VALUE to your fans.

“The more VALUE you offer, the more money you’ll get paid…”

You’ll become a Tribe leader as you progress through our ranks … sharing your experiences with your own personal tribe. This will then be in a position to begin to LEAD your own tribe and fan base.

Build. Lead. Inspire

Inspired by Gavin Mountford for which many thanks.

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8 Responses to Welcome to Game Of Tribes!…Part 2

  1. Marty Simons says:

    Hi John, I totally agree with your entire list. We have to show people that we care about them. I especially like the Zig Ziglar comment. Very powerful stuff! Thanks for this post!
    Marty Simons recently posted…Marketing to the Wrong People?My Profile

  2. Beth Hewitt says:

    Hi John,

    It really is important to help others when we do that, our rewards will start to come. Thank you for sharing you thoughts of the game of tribes.

    Beth :)
    Beth Hewitt recently posted…Stupid things to Ask a BloggerMy Profile

  3. Dale Ivory says:

    Excellent summary of some very deep and important principles, John. Empower is my favorite topic from all the things you talked about here. It’s very important to me to offer as much as I can to help others empower themselves. It’s the proverbial give a fish or teach to fish concept.
    (And I liked the song very much:)
    Dale Ivory recently posted…Clearing for Consciousness: Times & BasicsMy Profile

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