Welcome to Game Of Tribes!…Part 1

Welcome to Game Of Tribes!….Part 1

This is my first blog for some five weeks and during that time I have been very busy on re-assessing my future business plans and also had time to have a great holiday with our son, John, Chihiro and grandson Jack who traveled  from Japan to stay with us for over a month – a blog in the making!

Gavin Mountford

For some months now I have been working with Gavin Mountford and his happy band of Networking Superstars – so inspirational and trainings about online business and weekly Google Hangout meetings so brilliant! I am at the stage where things in my business are about to change but I can’t reveal any details yet. However Gavin has just introduced a training programme called “Game of Tribes.”

I have been privileged to share trainings about online business with a host of like-minded people who want to make something of their lives. Gavin Mountford has been the inspiration behind this movement and I have seen many people grow in what they have learned by sharing content, supporting each other, caring for each other, giving, empowering and teaching.

We ask YOU and each of our members to follow the EXACT set of values and principles to help you become the Superstar we know you can be!

Learn, Share, Support, Care, Give, Empower, Grow, Teach

#1. Learn – keep ahead of latest technologies. We dedicate ourselves at “Game Of Tribes” to show you the latest developments to help you grow your business online and make MULTIPLE streams of income…

Those of us with no EDUCATION and advertising budget to grow your business in the first instance will sooner or later, have to invest in trainings and software but at times, you’ll be able to access FREE trainings. You will be able to establish a marketing budget in time but without that you’ll struggle to make money online.

Whenever you are able to LEARN from someone who you know, like and trust, then go straight to it! With the information that you LEARN you can teach it back to your TRIBE… thus making you a person of authority – a leader.


#2. Share

With this new knowledge, as a leader, you’ll want to SHARE it back with our community and with your own community. People will see you as an authority and will want to know what more knowledge and information you have to offer. Here at Game Of Tribes we also SHARE each others content and message to help each other get their message out to more people. The great objective is to share as much content as you can to who you can… SHARE it with your followers. They will really appreciate you for doing this… be seen as a person ‘in the know’ and your reputation will increase

#3. Support

This is hugely important here at Game Of Tribes… and you will be expected to help and support other members. Getting a support structure in place, you can GROW as a person at Game Of Tribes. Many NEW people come to us… very often they may never have seen anything like this before… perhaps never built a business on the Internet and they would be nervous and scared.

So, it is your job to support people as they come in. As you help new people they will naturally gravitate towards YOU and become much more likely to join your business and become a RAVING fan of yours

End of Part 1…

Build. Lead. Inspire

Inspired by Gavin Mountford for which many thanks.


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John Barton is a marketing entrepreneur assisting those who are retiring in a few years’ time or have already retired and who are looking for help about the internet and online businesses.

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21 Responses to Welcome to Game Of Tribes!…Part 1

  1. Ron West says:

    Hi John, Great post! Keeping everything simple and to the point! Couldn’t agree with you more, I too have found new inspiration in the recent ‘hangouts’ and ‘masterminds’. Best idea yet from Gavin! Keeps you on your toes and makes you realise that it is all possible with consistency inspired by your peers in the group, and the ultimate challenge of his points system. Looking forward to the next one with the other points you raised. Kind regards Ron

    • John says:

      Hi Ron
      Most appreciated. Follow Gavin and you can’t go wrong!

      Like you I really enjoyed the Hangout with Beth and co last night. She is calm and knowledgeable and gives you that air of confidence to which we are all affected by. We are lucky to have such great leaders in OUR BUSINESS!

      Speak soon. Cheers John
      John recently posted…Welcome to Game Of Tribes!…Part 1My Profile

  2. Marty Simons says:

    Hi John,
    This is a great introduction to working with the Game of Tribes. We are so very fortunate to be working with a great mentor like Gavin Mountford. The Journey begins!

  3. Beth Hewitt says:

    Hi John,

    It was great to see you in the hangout last night for the first week of the Game of Tribes. Being part of a tribe is a great way to learn and grow and have some accountability as you grow your business online. Looking forward to seeing you again next week.

    Beth :)
    Beth Hewitt recently posted…Too Busy to BlogMy Profile

  4. Merle says:

    Great post John and Gavin is one of the best.

  5. Dale Ivory says:

    #3 is a must for me. I love giving and getting friendly encouragement. And I love knowing other bloggers who share their wisdom for me to learn from. Like you. Like Gavin. Like Beth Hewitt. Shaping up to be a great “Game.”

    • John says:

      Hi Dale I could not agree with you more – I really like the concept of this being a game – competitive but friendly! Cheers John

  6. Nice article John,
    I hope you enjoying the Game of Tribes, the benefits to everyone can be great.
    Wayne Gillies recently posted…Does Social Monkee Work for Link Building?My Profile

    • John says:

      Hi Wayne I have to say that I am enjoying this too because there has been more time allowed to get things done in a reasonable time along with other projects in our management timetable! Cheers John

  7. Andy says:

    Hi John – what a great post and couldn’t agree more with your summary of the benefits of being in the G.O.T.
    And that’s it – everything we do will be of mutual benefit to all of us.
    TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More !!
    See you around the Tribes room.

    Andy recently posted…Three Things You Must Master To Move Your Online Marketing Business ForwardMy Profile

    • John says:

      Hi Andy Many thanks for your comments – this certainly encourages all of us to move forward together.Gavin has created a great movement in online marketing. Cheers John

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  9. Bruno Buergi says:

    Hi John, I think support is one of the most important things when you are in a new surrounding or business. You need people who help you to achieve what you want.
    Bruno Buergi recently posted…How To Get In The Hall Of Fame?My Profile

    • John says:

      Hi Bruno Thank you for your comments – I think you are right – to a large extent gone are the days when people kept their business secrets close to their chest. People are finding out from experience that it is better to give than to receive. Cheers John
      John recently posted…Welcome to Game Of Tribes!…Part 2My Profile

  10. AnaGoncalves says:

    Dear John,
    Pleased to meet you, and Thank you for such a great post.
    I love learning, connecting and being of service and this project sounds like a good way to meet new people, make new friends and share the knowledge.
    All the best to you and hope that it goes well for all included.
    Have a great day!
    AnaGoncalves recently posted…Accepting who you areMy Profile

    • John says:

      Dear Ana, I very much appreciate your kind words and in turn I read your blog “Accepting who you are.” I sense a lot of emotion there and so often that is the essence of making contacts and later as friends.

      A great post and I hope we keep in touch.

      Regards John Barton

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