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Well yes? – today we have been listening to Radio Niseko from Hokkaido in North Japan where my son John presents a monthly radio request programme together with his son Jack!

We requested a song and this was played at the opening of the show by John! This was “Piano Man” by Billy Joel for our daughter Claire who is celebrating a very special birthday – it’s a closely guarded secret as to actual details!

The story goes that “Piano Man” was the very first Karaoke song which was sung by Claire on her very first visit Tokyo some 12/13 years ago! Last night at home here in Westward Ho! we had a ball – I mean a magnificent Karaoke evening! Of course Claire sang “Piano Man” together with Crazy, Material Girl, Yellow and many others. Here is the link for the Piano Man:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVKtL9VU8rQ

I sang a few songs and Janet sang even less. Claire kept on reminding us it was the first part of her birthday celebration time over the next few weeks!

Anyway, as some people may know, my memory wanders sometimes over the hills and away with the fairies! I was just able to sing “Beyond the Sea” in the loose style of Bobby Darin and my memories came flooding back! I thought of The Boathouse Restaurant, Instow here in North Devon where we are going for a celebratory birthday dinner and then someone said “Hello Sailor”  and I thought of my good friend, Ron E West. He loved sailing! All in all these circumstances inspired me to record a special song – here it is!

Bobby Darin - beyond the sea


“Beyond the Sea” in the loose style of Bobby Darin –




Another trip down memory lane – I have so many these days and recently I can blame Susan P Cooper for writing a wonderful blog which inspired me to look closely at myself – what am I doing and where am I going!

Michiko Prior

My son John knows Michiko Prior who lives close by in Hokkaido – she was runner up 2nd on the American Idol Smule Version! She will hopefully sing live on the show next month but in the meantime here is a recording on Radio Niseko of her song – Titanium:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjqikPCBFfQ

The next Radio Show will be on later in April – Radio Niseko FM 76.2 – click on TuneIn. For further details please email noahsark@uku.co.uk

 Who is that!Who is that!

Of course the last word rests with Claire who made a special request – how appropriate! “Don’t stop me now” by Queen. Here is the link: – https://vimeo.com/30126989

“There are times when the gods conspire against you and what you are doing, but sometimes you are so inspired you just have to go with the flow!” Quote by John Barton Snr

I hope you liked my fun type blog – so refreshing to get off the “dreadmill!”


Motivated by the Inspiration of Others and the Love of Music.

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