Utilize Your Website as a Marketing Tool…Niche Market – part 5vii

Utilize Your Website as a Marketing Tool…Niche Market – part 5vii

Niche - Website marketing tool

Your website is your shop window and first impression of your business by a visitor, so make it your primary marketing tool:-

  • people have itchy ‘mouse fingers’ when they are browsing the Internet
  • some of the big market research companies have found that half of website visitors only stay on the site for 8 seconds – yes 8 seconds!
  • that means you literally have 8 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention before they leave, never to be seen again!

How do you grab someone’s attention in that small window of opportunity?

  1. Top priority – the general design of your website, the colours, your logo, the font you use, the size of the font and the amount of text, whether the text is in one big chunk or split up into manageable paragraphs, in the layout of the site, any graphics or pictures you use
  2. People get an overall impression first of all and will instantly get a feeling for what your site is about before they’ve read a single word because they are so used to visiting various sites
  3. Does your site look like a landing page or a sales letter, or does it look like a business with various layers and a diversity of products and services?
  4. You need to consider very carefully what impression you are trying to convey to your visitors

Niche - focus on headlines

Focus on Headlines

That is above the fold of your website (the part of the site they can see without scrolling down). If you have a compelling headline — something your visitors will be interested in, for example, a headline based on their own search terms — then you have half a chance of keeping them on the site for longer than 8 seconds.

Benefits! – What would constitute a compelling or captivating headline?

All the details about yourself put on a separate page –  ‘About us’ which your visitors can read if they are really interested.

In your main headline dramatically promote what is your main benefit!

  • Make sure your visitors know immediately they get on your site that they have found what they are looking for
  • what it is they need, what keeps them awake worrying at night, the problems they need solutions for
  • the information that will help them find their answers.

Most business owners are too close to their own projects to be able to see this clearly but it’s very simple to rectify this — ask other people what they think. Try brainstorming a long list of potential headlines and send them out to all your friends and associates and get them to pick the one that grabs their attention the most. You will soon see what makes other people sit up and take notice.

In Part 5 (viii) we continue:- Utilize Your Website as a Marketing Tool –

Offer value and Building a rapport with your prospects

We will then return to the main theme – “How to find Your Niche Market?”

Source of reference David Anderson for which many thanks.

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