There I was Digging this Hole in my Internet Business!..Day 19

There I was Digging this Hole in my Internet Business!..Day 19

Digging this hole 1

There I was digging this hole in my internet business when honestly, I really started to realise that there is a great thread of messages daily on my Facebook account!! I can empathize with all those who get addicted to Facebook and have to force themselves to STOP! You’ve got  to stop digging and get “Fred” to get the ground all flat and that’s that!!

I hear of so many people who get distracted in their “internet playground” when they should be concentrating on their “online business network.” Of course I can understand why so many people go “off the rails” whereas you should go “off the FAILS!” It is all too easy literally to immerse yourself in your comfort zone. You come upon a challenge (better word than problem!) but still you try to find a solution to a problem!! You start off all enthusiastically engaging in your researches especially on the Internet with Google Search.

Digging this hole

It is most important to describe fully what you want to find out and you may have to “dig several different types of holes” before you start to obtain some semblance of kind of information that you really want. The old adage applies here “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again” – I remember a picture with that message in one of the rooms at our friends’ house in Somerset many years ago! See what I mean – it is so easy be be distracted!

Right, so you try to do your best to find a solution, which I often think is said “tongue in cheek!” After some perseverance you look round you and find there is a coffee break coming up so let’s stop now and come back to it! In the meantime whilst on the break you may – just may think of tackling this from a different angle or way. What about this way!

Digging this hole 2

The pig reminds me of our friends in Somerset who lived next door to a pig farm! – now that’s not a bad idea – you know pigs are reportedly to be very intelligent animals but do you think that they may have an answer for you? Of course it is quite possible that a pig may inspire your little grey cells into dramatic activity to set off a whole range of ideas! However, upon reflection I don’t think you should necessarily rely on them!”  I am an expert on the Power of Distraction and if you would like me to lead you down that road just contact me! Okay, this may be a fun idea but really are you here just to have fun! NO  OF COURSE YOU ARE NOT! You have to carry on with your researches. How about looking to the younger generation for answers and inspiration!

Digging this hole 4

There is a little girl on the beach – why not ask her? Now she seems very nice and happy to help and likes digging!  – but come on let’s get real here. It is so sad to say that these days you have to be so careful when you engage in conversation especially with young people. Often this is alright depending where you are and whether you know them or have made friends with the family.

BUT that is not usually a real situation or alternative idea!

SO THERE ARE TIMES WHEN YOU HAVE GOT TO GET THE TOOLS TO DIG DEEPLY – be focused in what you wish to achieve and have belief in yourself to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to make money online and achieve financial freedom for your family and friends. Where there is a will there is a way – now I am a firm believer of this saying because you hear so many inspirational stories around the world where despite impossible odds someone achieves phenomenal success. But in spite of all this I think sometimes you need to use your imagination to help you dig your own hole to success. About about this tool!

Digging this hole 3

This may be going a bit far sometimes but often desperate times need desperate action!

Are you prepared to do whatever it takes or will you just plod along and never expect real success to knock on your door. Do you give up too easily on researching and say, writing meaningful blog posts? OR Oh dear! – online business is too hard and it’s not really for me anyway!

THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THIS ARTICLE IS TO GIVE ALL THOSE WHO NEED IT “A WAKE-UP CALL!” In all honesty you don’t want to lead a life of mediocrity, constantly finding it hard to pay the bills and perhaps not being able to afford the “better things in life” whatever that means to you. You know want you want – go out there and get it!

Don’t continue digging a hole for yourself and bury your head in the sand BUT dig yourself a hole to VICTORY – to success and a quality of life you have always dreamed about!!

That’s what I’m doing – what about you! 

And now just to finish on a “fun song” but with a strong message – think about it!

Bernard Cribbins Hole in the Ground

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  1. Fun post for a Saturday. Love the song.
    Heather Cameron recently posted…“Writer’s Block” – How do You Get the Juices Flowing?My Profile

  2. I call it the Squirrel Syndrome – oooo look squirrel!

    Thanks for that song – well actually not really – cos now I am going to be singing it all day!
    Lorraine McNulty recently posted…Sunday Snippet: When opportunity knocks – open the door!My Profile

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