Syria – Words Fail Us!…

Syria – Words Fail Us!

Syria - hands off Syria

A friend of mine, Bill Royce, sent me the following inspirational message. I felt that this was something to be shared with others at this poignant moment in history. Please feel free to leave a comment at the end.

“As human beings we should abhor the cruelty to, and extermination of, innocents wherever they may be. It is the duty of every person on this planet to take others into account and not allow situations which create suffering; we have enough natural disasters to attend to without creating man made ones. However how we go about this is no longer straight forward in such a complicated and politically unstable environment, in attempting to save more lives we risk escalation which might involve far higher casualties.

How then do we tackle such a dilemma, to be forceful enough to prevent more loss of life incurring from the existing problem, or to potentially draw so many others into the arena thus making the end result far worse? Modern weapons provide the means to make a big point, but they can also be pointed in the opposite direction!  Every life is sacred and has a heart beating to keep it alive, subconsciously we exist whilst consciously deciding how we want that existence to be, some want nothing more than that their time here on earth should be the best they can make in peace and tranquillity, some are more ambitious striving for achievements but achievements that help others as well as themselves, and then we have those who for whatever reason strive in purposes that can only ultimately result in destruction.

Syria  - do something that matters

Do Something that matters

Have we already made up our minds that we cannot live together and that we will let this incessant burden continue to overshadow all our lives and those who we still bring here, innocent children who rely on us adults to have some sense and offer protection, or can we all stop for a moment in time and rethink this whole dreadful mess? Naivety can be caused through a lack of experience, but no sane person today can be that naive seeing the end result of nearly every war no matter who was deemed the winner. There is only one reason why diplomacy fails and that is because the right words have not been spoken!

There is a solution to every problem if there is a will to find it, whoever you are and whatever you want, I am fairly sure you would want to be there to enjoy it at the end. Every day when we wake we have a new day , a clean sheet, the chance to make a difference for ourselves and for our world, it is not missiles that we should be thinking about sending each other but messages,  thought provoking inspirational messages aimed at bringing us closer rather than technology aimed at pushing us further apart.”

Think on this- ‘All the words needed to create peace are in the dictionary – we have only to arrange them in the right order’

Inspirational Messaging by William Royce

Photo -Hands off Syria – Matt Dunham

Build. Lead. Inspire

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AND NOW, to finish with an inspirational song

Michael Bublé – “It’s A Beautiful Day” (FULL LENGTH & Lyrics)

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4 Responses to Syria – Words Fail Us!…

  1. Bruno Buergi says:

    Interesting post to think about. There is so much dilemma in the world because people wont understand each other. I love the song. Good work John.
    Bruno Buergi recently posted…Schwingen – An Old Traditional Sport in SwitzerlandMy Profile

  2. Marty Simons says:

    Hi John and thanks for this post. This is such a heartbreaking situation. Everybody loses. I am praying for Syria and for the wisdom of our world leaders.
    Marty Simons recently posted…Why Game of Tribes?My Profile

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