So What are the Advantages of Taking the Next Step? Day 4…

So What are the Advantages of Taking the Next Step? Day 4…

Retirement taking the next step

For all age groups there are challenges that you may not readily think about but it is only right and proper that we draw your attention to the key issues.

  • Good health is of paramount importance and if there is a problem, however large or small, this issue must be faced at the outset. Thankfully in many cases the necessary action can be put in place to overcome these matters.
  • The demands of starting a business or indeed going back to work may bring on stress and become overwhelming especially where physical effort is required. However if you choose an “online” opportunity you may find this a better option.
  • Any major decision such as starting a new “offline” business or job may be more hectic than you envisage

  1. Do you have the capacity to take on such a challenge?
  2. Are you prepared to take the risk if, for instance, you do not have much “investment” money to plough into a business
  3. where you are putting your house up as security for a bank loan?
  4. Do you want to risk the loss of your business and perhaps having to start all over again.
  5. That scenario could especially affect the senior sector whereas as in many cases “the younger ones could lick their wounds” and start all over again and hopefully recover their quality of life.
  6. At least those have the time and against the seniors who may not have little or no chance of recovery.
  1. I am sorry to be so blunt but it is so important to make the very best decision especially about setting up an “offline” business with all its upfront costs, legal implications, appointing good staff etc.

Retirement taking on new technologies

  • How well are you able to cope with all the new technologies that are constantly appearing from all over the place? You may not know much or want to know much about it but you need to understand what amazing things it can do for you! For younger people there is not so much resistance to change, many having been brought up on internet technology from childhood. For the older generation you really should get on well with the younger ones as they are the people you will be working and negotiating with. It is absolutely essential to learn new skills if you opt for a profitable online activity.
  • Although you may wish to participate in both options, we will cover both offline and online opportunities in detail. In our experience one would normally take part in one or the other. However, if you have specialist skills in a particular sector you may well be attracted to continue in that but others will do both, initially trying an online business as a secondary source of income. BUT one often hears of cases of people where they really enjoy their online part time business and perhaps more profitable too and so one could overtake the other – it is down to you!
  • So what are the options available for offline and online businesses?
  1. From carpentry, plumbing etc to the creation of a website or a simple one page site to attract orders etc
  2. making the opportunity work for you, how to deal with it in practice
  3. how to create income streams and in particular how much fun you can have by developing your own business
  4. However, you should be aware that initially you should look at an opportunity as a starting point and try it out before you really plunge into spending money and time on it
  5. We are happy to make suggestions – often online businesses can be started with small budgets but at the end of the day what really matters is what is comfortable and worthwhile for you to do!
  • So let’s get going! Often it is not so challenging as you think….


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