So much choice and yet so little chance to get it right first time!

So much choice and yet so little chance to get it right first time!

There are many business opportunities presented to you when you feel that this time – yes this time! – you feel that here at last you have the secret to guide you to success!

 Why is that? – over the period of your time in network marketing, you have come across so many good reasons why this or that is the next best ”shiny object” and this is the one that will lead you to a “land where the pavements are paved  with gold!” It looks so good and so much is said to convince you that this is it! – your final destination opening the door to a really successful future – it can’t go wrong, so many guarantees given on the way, leading gurus supporting this fabulous opportunity and everything about it looks right and bright!

There is that “tingly feeling” deep inside that tells you to get your credit card out to pay for the first month’s installment! AND don’t forget you get a month’s guarantee stating that if you decide to cancel your subscription within the first 30 days, they will refund that straightaway and/or cancel your direct debit.  Most companies will accept this condition and generally speaking they will respond quickly, but not always! That’s why it is so important to undertake in-depth research in the first place on the internet and other information resources and in particular to speak to a few key people who are already in the business. However, as we all know there is no guarantee in life and talk about “buyers beware!” but I’ve not always taken that simple piece of advice on board!

There is really only one sure way of signing up to a home-based business opportunity on the internet and that is really trusting the person who introduces you to the business. Presumably he or she can show you personally that they are involved in a successful business and also by introducing you to their sponsor who will have great information available in terms of introductory presentations (videos and/or written articles), inviting you to a conference call, a webinar etc and giving details of their company’s website so that you may obtain further details and especially testimonials by others who have been successful.

However, at the end of the day, the final decision still rests with you. From my own personal experience, I have looked at dozens of business opportunities – either products or services on the internet.

Many opportunities look very good but it is sad to say as you know, there are hundreds of scams on the internet!

Just think, if you Google “business opportunities online” there are some 870 million results or “ making money online” with some 520 million! No doubt scams are in abundance!

So when you are trying to make a final decision bear in mind:-

1)   How well do you know the people who introduce you?

2)   Build a relationship with such people and have confidence in what they say and do – that is being able to trust them.

3)   Sometimes you may wish to speculate on different businesses but there is only so much time and money available to you!

4)   Many people are looking for a secondary income or indeed the source to a new income stream to replace their job because of redundancies etc and because they are no longer happy in their business (for so many reasons!)

BUT at the end of the day it is up to you to decide on the way forward to your future business success.

However, overriding all these factors, there is no doubt that through determination, hard work and total belief in your own ability you will succeed in whatever you decide to do.


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