Seize the moment – JUMP!

Seize the moment – JUMP!

Van Halen – Jump

I always “jump” when I hear this record – immediately I think of my son John, who as my regular readers will tell you, lives in Japan with his family. It reminds me of all those great air guitar evenings we had together years ago!

Felix Baumgartner Jump – Red Bull Stratos Freefall [FULL VIDEO] WORLD RECORD

Jump – seize the moment – I could not let the opportunity pass me by without displaying a video of amazing history – Felix Baumgartner’s jump! He might have felt the fear but he did it anyway. What an inspirational man – only about 9 million people watched the actual live tv broadcast but he is sure to have inspired many millions more by now to watch the above video! What a brave man and shows you what can be achieved by making a decision to “just do it!”

Skyfall – Written by ADELE and Paul Epworth. Skyfall is the official theme song to the latest James Bond film of the same name to be shown in cinemas towards the end of October. One hears that it is the greatest James Bond film ever but whatever the result the film is bound to entertain and inspire you!

AND FINALLY – at this very exciting time in my life it is my pleasure to bring you this beautiful song promoting the latest James Bond film! Adele excels in her writing and singing – what a talent to have been discovered!

I hope that I was able to entertain you but at the same time to give you a message of joy and encouragement. Seize the moment – JUMP!

You can achieve whatever you want to do in life – it is up to you and it is just a question of making a decision! I made a decision recently and I am never going to look back but only forward to a much happier life – okay with some hard work on the way but what I am doing now will change my life for ever!

If you want to find out why I feel so inspired and in control of my future just seize the moment and jump!

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John Barton

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2 Responses to Seize the moment – JUMP!

  1. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    You are right, John!

    If we want to achieve something, we have to to start right away – seize the opportunity (Even better, make the opportunity). And of course, there are times in which we have to wait patiently (like they say, patience is a virtue :D).

    Oh yes, the jump. It is something that we all can do – we all can face that fear (anything is possible!)

    And thank you for sharing the Song 😉 That was a good one :)

    Great Post, John!

    Thanks :)

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