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Scotland-Golf Ryder Cup-Gleaneagles-Origins of Golf-Old Tom Morris and More!!….. Tom Morris - the beginning of golf In the beginning….Everyone knows golf originated in Scotland, right? Well … yes and no. It’s definitely true that golf as we know it emerged in Scotland. The Scots were playing golf in its very basic form – take a club, swing it at a ball, move ball from starting point to finishing point in as few strokes as possible – by at least the mid-15th Century. In fact, the earliest known reference to golf by name comes from King James II of Scotland, who, in 1457, issued a ban on the playing of golf and football (soccer). Those games, the king complained, were keeping his archers from their practice… Learn more so visit the link below:- (Source of reference “About Sport”)

AS EVERYONE KNOWS THE RYDER CUP IS BEING HELD AT GLEANEAGLES THIS YEAR (2014) – Golf’s Ryder Cup: Foursomes and Fourball Explained

BUT THE REAL PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG IS TO RECORD THE EVENTS IN VICTORIAN TIMES WHICH REALLY PUT THE MODERN GAME OF GOLF ON THE MAP! Recently I wrote and compiled three blogs about all this – it is the 150th Anniversary of the formation of the first English Golf Club – Royal North Devon Golf Club at Westward Ho! in North Devon. Royal North Devon Golf Club (Westward Ho!) - 2   The influence of Scotland and Old Tom Morris and Young Tommy Morris will be forever entwined in the annals of golf around the world and may I say our local golf club – the Royal North Devon! Now if you wish to learn more about what I have written let me give you the links to my recent blogs as follows:-

I hope you enjoyed my reflections on golf at this time of The Ryder Cup – you are welcome to leave a comment below. In order to complete my Golf Story I would like to introduce you to four final references which I hope you will enjoy!!

1. Does the word “golf” originate as an acronym “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden!”?     Visit this link:

2. “Tommy Honor” – a book about Young Tommy Morris – a great read which should be made compulsory reading by all golfers! 

Tommy's Honor bookVisit Amazon to purchase a copy of the book -“Tommy Honour” and/or “Tommy’s Honor”!!



This major motion picture, set in late 19th century Scotland, is the true story about the forefathers of golf; old Tom and young Tommy Morris. The full-length historical drama is currently in pre-production with plans to begin filming in the fall, 2014. More news and updates will be coming soon. Please visit their site to keep up on all the latest news about this amazing project. Visit the link as follows:-

4. To end on a perfect note – Golf in a song which I am sure old Tom and young Tommy Morris would have enjoyed! Nothing better than “Straight down the Middle!” Bing Crosby – Straight Down The Middle

Bing Crosby’s enjoyable recording of “Straight Down The Middle” from 31/12/1957. The song was written for a short 1948 film called “Honor Caddy” with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Ben Hogan and Sam Snead. It’s thought that this was the first ever song written about golf.

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