Planning for your Retirement now or in 30/40 Years’ Time! What’s all That About?.. Day 1

Planning for your Retirement now or in 30/40 Years’ Time! What’s all That About?.. Day 1

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Well, retirement takes on many characteristics – when you are working in a highly stressed working environment don’t you think – “If only I could win the lottery, marry a rich partner or just become a beach bum! But none of these ideas are really satisfactory for achieving financial freedom and quality of lifestyle unless you are extremely lucky!

The chances of winning the lottery in the UK are about 14,000,000 to 1! They say you have more chance of receiving a telephone call twice in your lifetime from the Queen!

Marrying a rich partner – this is often fraught with challenges but there is a chance to be happy but are you prepared to take the risk?

Or be a beachcomber to be more polite! Now if you are able to be self sufficient to develop the necessary skills for survival you may succeed to an extent – it may seem like a good time but how long would you survive on say a desert island without dreaming of creature comforts especially as you get older!

That expression “If only!” is a likely thought drifting about in your mind!

  • If only I had made up my mind earlier to apply for that job or business opportunity I would be in a much better financial position now.
  • If only I had not wasted all my money on wine, women and song!
  • If only I had invested in a pension fund when I was much younger and so it goes on!

Planning for retirement is a state of mind – if we could have an instant financial answer or result wouldn’t we all be happy. Let’s be honest, if we didn’t have to work wouldn’t it be great! BUT IS IT!

It is sad so often that people are not happy in their job but you have to do it in order to place bread on the table. This creates resentment sometimes and you can get stuck in a rut – remain in our comfort zone.

There is this merry-go-round lifestyle! – hopefully you earn enough money to pay the bills, but in this day and age, employers are not giving any real pay increases and even if they are, it barely covers the rise in the cost of living. In many cases at present, many employees are facing mounting debt and never seem able to recover from it.

People are often totally fed up with their low level of lifestyle and they either accept it or the more adventurous ones among us want to do something to improve their standard of living.

Retirement living-on-a-low-income

We are all aware of the ever increasing cost of living: food, heating and electricity, water supply, housing, home insurance, car expenses (often a necessity), council tax etc and it is often “a case of more month than money at the end of the month!” In other words we have little or no disposable income left over for enjoying outings with the family or afford a few luxuries.

This way of “existence” may start early in your lives but of course whilst the breadwinners are earning good money then our quality of life is assured for the time being…

BUT what happens, especially if one person loses their job or business; perhaps even more, those who are on the edge of retiring suddenly realising that their pension funds are not adequate to finance the lifestyle they once enjoyed.

So what do you do? Accept the situation and cut back on your living expenses? This may not necessarily be the case though! More and more people are living longer through better health and thus able to look forward to a longer retirement. Why not stretch your imagination and ability to increase your income but of course for some this is not always an option.

Now the purpose of this information is to help you to solve these challenges by way of opportunities to earn extra money…..look out for Day 2!!

Source of inspiration – Jim Green

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4 Responses to Planning for your Retirement now or in 30/40 Years’ Time! What’s all That About?.. Day 1

  1. Hi John it is so important to plan for the future and consider the things you have mentioned as we never know what the future brings!


  2. Retiring My Way is the exact reason I am on-line, John!! Spread the word!!!
    Agnes Knowles recently posted…Which Statistic Are You?My Profile

    • John says:

      Hi Agnes, you are so right – I will be blog posting regularly on this subject and that is my aim ! Spread the word!!!
      Many thanks and please watch out for my blog posts – Offline V Online Business Opportunities and share with others.
      Cheers John

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