Oh, To Be a Virtual Salesperson!…Niche Market – part 5vi

Niche - vitual sales person

Be a virtual salesperson

Do you remember when salesmen were trained to find out what the customer wanted so they could set their sales pitch accordingly – you know, the old fashioned face-to-face selling techniques!  Well, it’s still the same but now we’re using a different media – in fact, online. When you don’t have the advantages of a head to head encounter, it’s even more important to know, like and trust a person and to reassure your prospect that you understand exactly what they want and that you have the perfect solution.

The thing is that we still have the same basic problems, struggles and challenges as we have always done – it’s just that we now need to turn our minds more to the “higher needs of socialising, ego needs and the need for self-actualization.” This is great because it brings together a huge range of pains, problems and challenges for which marketers can offer solutions.

The clever bit is to rediscover the problems we all have that need solutions by understanding the human psyche – take some time to think about how your current products fulfill the needs and wants of your customers and the problems that they could solve? Write a long list and prioritise them in order of importance and then think about how your current sales copy, web content, marketing materials etc are applicable.

Niche - Match your words

Match your words to your audience

  • your target audience will respond more favourably to your sales copy if it is written using a language which they can relate to and understand
  • try to avoid too many acronyms, abbreviations and jargon if you do not really know your audience because they will not know what you’re talking about — it’s just so off putting!
  • choose words carefully so that these may be fully understood and to resonate with others so that you are all on the same wavelength with your customers
  • show respect for your prospects, so don’t patronise them or take them for granted.

Style and approach count too – Supposing you attract 20-somethings with your products

  • you must consider whether you need to change your style and use the same language to appeal to that age group — why not seek the help of someone of that age to help you
  • aiming, say, for an affluent market that wishes to know about prestigious and high-quality products then you need to allign your style accordingly
  • don’t forget that your sales copy is a great way to let people know who you are as a business and how you feel about your products
  • if you can’t drum up any enthusiasm yourself, then why should your customers?
  • your products need to solve people’s problems and need to offer something of value, rather than just be a commodity that competes on price
  • promoting the benefits of your products and services, as well as writing effective sales copy, will highlight these benefits
  • it will get get easier as you begin to understand more about your customers and the way they think.

Email marketing today

Effective communication

It’s all about communicating effectively with your audience, whether it’s a good sales copy, the ability to design and create a great website or pitch products and services in a way that inspires customers to buy. Until we get on to the art of writing great sales copy that really connects with your customers, here are a few tips for effective communication:

  • be yourself – don’t try to please everyone by playing a role that’s not really you — this just does not work. People can always sense if you are not sure of yourself
  • if you are not communicating from your own true principles, you will lose trust. If you have a genuine belief in your product and enthusiasm for it, just let it shine through
  • when you write, you must still communicate the feelings behind your words as much as you do when you speak to someone in person
  • it’s important to feel positive about your business and your products and services  and be positive about your customers if you want to get the right message across
  • if you’re feeling resentful about your customers, spend some time adjusting that attitude before you write your sales copy, or it will show
  • communication is a two way process and it’s also about listening. It’s important to listen carefully to what your customers want and put aside your own opinions and prejudices. Market research is a great tool for finding out what your customers want, but don’t rely entirely on what you think they want – ask them!

In Part 5 (vii) we consider:- Utilize Your Website as a Marketing Tool

Source of reference David Anderson for which many thanks.

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2 Responses to Oh, To Be a Virtual Salesperson!…Niche Market – part 5vi

  1. Bruno Buergi says:

    To get the results you want with your online business you really have to learn to communicate in a new way. And I think most marketers struggle with this.
    Bruno Buergi recently posted…Tidy Url – Transform Your Links Quickly And Easily!My Profile

  2. John says:

    Hi Bruno I agree with that – that is one of the reasons I am blogging on niche markets. Having spoken to several people I find that they have a similar problem – identifying their niche market! You only do that by surveys and asking questions or as many do just promoting good content and information online – what do you think? Thanks John
    John recently posted…Oh, To Be a Virtual Salesperson!…Niche Market – part 5viMy Profile

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