New Year Message from the Blogging Singer!.. about The Business Productivity Guy!…

New Year Message from the Blogging Singer!.. about The Business Productivity Guy!…


There is a guy in Guildford town,
The Business Productivity Guy.
And he’s been great to many a marketer,
and God I know I’m one.

My mother was so wonderful,
Sewed up my dressing gown!
My father was a carpenter.
Down in London town.
Now the only things a carpenter needs is
A set of tools and a brain.
But the only time he was really satisfied
Was when he came home on the train!

Oh fellow marketers, tell your contacts,
To do what I have done.
Spend your lives in an inspirational way
With the B.P. Guy – a real good one!

Well, I’ve got my feet firmly on the ground,
and now I’m having a ball!
All thanks to Gavin for his training and support
Now he’s made me both proud and walk tall!

I’m sure many of you will realise by now that the framework of these words were inspired by the song – “There is a house in New Orleans!” My real passion in life is singing and I am so often inspired by different songs each with their own special messages!

When I first thought about sending a message of thanks to Gavin Mountford for introducing me to ‘The Business Productivity Guy’ and so much more, immediately I thought of the words – “There is a house in New Orleans!” It seemed crazy to me at the time but with a little bit of licence I like to think that I have now conveyed my thoughts in a positive way!

This may be a little unauthadox but singing is such a great form of communication! AND I have been inspired to write this blog post for obvious reasons!


I am re-visiting The Business Productivity Guy Program each day. There is no doubt that in my eyes Gavin has a unique style in words and presentation to make it so comfortable to follow and appreciate what he is saying. This initial podcast resonates with me completely because I have been through all those struggles that Gavin talks about.

I sincerely regret not having spent hardly any precious time with my wife and family especially when they were growing up (the children!). 

I would like to help Gavin achieve his mission to change the world by empowering  one million other people to go out there and change their lives and then for those to empower others! Change your lifestyle and start enjoying your life with family and friends!

I strongly recommend you to hear his short introductory podcast – he sets the scene so well on how an internet business will empower you to achieve all that you want in life whatever it may be!

Now for more information about this podcast and the world of Gavin Mountford in general please email me at or other contact methods as below.

Motivated by the Inspiration of Others and the Love of Music!

You are most welcome to comment below.

Helping to make a difference in your lives – contact me if you would like some guidance and advice about online network marketing as below:-

John Barton

The Blogging Singer


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12 Responses to New Year Message from the Blogging Singer!.. about The Business Productivity Guy!…

  1. John P Dolden says:

    thanks for sharing John

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    That was a fun read John. I’m sure Gavin will appreciate it too. :-) Happy New Year!!!
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Bogle Petite Sirah: WineMy Profile

  3. Barbara says:

    John, you are a creative genius dear friend!
    When will you make a song for my special water? 😉
    Talk soon!
    Barbara recently posted…Chlorine In Tap Water is not good.My Profile

    • John says:

      Many thanks indeed. I must have an artistic streak!
      A song about your Kangan water – let me think!
      We must talk soon.
      Don’t forget 50 Shades of Grey Group Hangout on Thursday!
      Announcement to be made soon!
      Cheers John

  4. John that was fabulous – I was waiting for a rendition of There is a Man in Guildford Town 😉
    I agree, Gavin is an inspiration to us all and I know he will empower his million. The podcasts are brilliant – short, snappy and full of tips to use daily, and I’m sure he will love this post and testimonial …
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…Cool Quotations “All That Is Gold …”My Profile

    • John says:

      Hi Jacs,
      I am so pleased with your kind comments. Gavin really inspires and encourages so many people to greater heights and with help from his friends he will achieve his 1 million.
      Above all, I know Gavin is a modest man and it is his demeanour that attracts vast numbers of people to him.
      “There is a Man in Guildford Town!” – I will think about it!
      Many thanks.
      Regards John
      John recently posted…How to Get Rid of Stuff so You Can Focus!…BPG Day 3My Profile

  5. Bruno Buergi says:

    Hi John, it’s great when you can live your passion with singing. I’m looking forward to hear more from you.
    Bruno Buergi recently posted…Do You Have A Bucket List For Your Life?My Profile

  6. thank you John, that is a wonderful write up and I really appreciate it! Glad I’ve been able to make a difference in your life!
    Gavin Mountford recently posted…23 – (Podcast) News Feed Fire Review & $788 Bonuses – STOP & Listen Before You Buy News Feed Fire…My Profile

    • John says:

      Hi Gavin, many thanks for your comments.
      It was certainly my pleasure and there is no doubt you have made a fundamental difference to my life.
      Kind regards

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