My Funny Valentine – Tune and Words Together!

My Funny Valentine – Tune and Words Together!

My gift to you on this Special Day – let the years of previous Valentine Days be remembered!



For all you Frank Sinatra fans! Yes! “Old Blue Eyes is back in Town!”

It was largely George Evans, the man who had been hired as Frank Sinatra’s press agent, who worked a little magic and spun the web of creative PR. While it was Evans’s efforts that were the impetus the speed with which Frank became SO popular was a revelation to everyone, even to Frank who had a full tank of self-belief. Many people have hypothesised as to why it happened. Psychiatrists have studied the phenomenon, other performers have tried to repeat what he did, and a multiplicity of managers have encouraged their rising stars to try to emulate ‘the Voice’.

When you are not the one that people have come to see, yet you want them to notice you, you try a little harder to get the audience’s attention. The Truth is that Frank had learned well from his time with both the Harry James and Tommy Dorsey bands. Frank had been developing his stagecraft, working on his little mannerisms and making everything he did on stage count.

“People have talked about the way Frank seemed to sing just to them, holding them with his blue eyes. There is no question that some of it was gift, but an awful lot more of it was down to sheer hard work and determination.”

George Evans defied the first rule of PR – there is no such thing as bad publicity as long as they spell your name right. He crafted a whole new section of the dictionary to describe the Sinatra effect. Besides dubbing him ‘The Voice’, and calling the girls Sinatratics, he called Frank, Swoonatra. His was also the unsubtle linking of the effect that Frank had on some of the girls that he called it ‘Sinatrasm’ – no doubt some did.

Learning PR Trickery – we haven’t re-invented the wheel!

  • Inventing stories about Frank’s growing up
  • taking a few years off his age
  • running competitions with radio stations under the guise of Frank Sinatra day
  • adding noughts to what Frankie was being paid
  • playing up the happy family angle – he never ever missed an opportunity to get his ‘boy’s’ name in the newspapers.

But no one could or can take away the fact that Frank Sinatra in being dubbed ‘The Voice’ became the voice through which songwriters spoke to people all over America and soon the world. His really is ‘The Voice’ that has thrilled millions and continues to do so to this day.

George Evans and Harry Kilby’s (his colleague) creativity have inspired in other ways; yet no matter how many contests and competitions there are, there will never be anyone who can really compete with – The Voice.

Source of reference -Richard Havers (music producer and writer)

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