My 30 Day Simple Network Marketing Guide_ Day 3

My 30 Day Simple Network Marketing Guide_ Day 3

“Become a key person of influence” by answering these questions. I have answered them personally as below. Why not copy and paste these questions and learn something about yourself. I did!

I refer to a series of questions which were taken from the book “Become a key person of influence” written by Daniel Priestley.


Part 1 The World Has Changed and So Must You

Part 2 The Five Outcomes of a Key Person of Influence

Part 3 Making it happen


Part 1 The World Has Changed and So Must You

This was me a few years ago!

Exercise 1

1. What comes easy to you that is harder for others?

JB – To be positive and liking people, not afraid of hard work and to be open-minded.

2. If you had to do a month of ‘work experience’ in any industry, job, business or hobby, what would you do?

JB – Originally the Events Industry and NOW the Network Marketing Business on how to make money online

3. If you had to do something as a ‘labour of love’ what would you LOVE to do?

JB – Work for a charity part-time

4. What did you discover about yourself when you answered these questions?

JB – Being honest with myself and able to think easily

Exercise 2

Plan a holiday that would inspire you. Where have you been wanting to go but haven’t yet? The Australian Outback? The Austrian Alps? The Brazilian Rainforest? The Canadian Rockies?
Now go to your diary and lock in a date. Call up the travel agent and buy a ticket. On holiday, you will get a sense of what’s really important to you.
I’m serious.

1. Who do you know who is a Functional Person?

JB – Gavin Mountford and other Networking Superstars!

2. Who do you know who is a Vital Person?

JB – Gavin Mountford

3. What are some of the differences you notice between them?

JB – The Networking Superstars! Group all have different skills and approaches to their businesses but still successful in what they do. It’s the training, you know!

Exercise 3

Here’s a couple of great questions you might want to explore:

What would I LOVE to do this week?

JB – A long weekend away in the country

Who would I LOVE to spend some time with (reading a great biography could count)?

JB – Spending time with the family and reading James Patterson books

Where would I LOVE to be going this week?

JB – Easy answer! Visiting our son and family in Japan

How would I LOVE to deliver more value to others?

JB – Encourage others to get into the Network Marketing Business

What difference would I LOVE to make on the planet?

JB – To help people achieve financial freedom and be a supporter of a charity that would make a difference

If you get stuck with the answers to these questions, you know what to do …
As scary as it might seem, pick up the phone and book yourself a week away.

Exercise 4

Guess who this is today!

Key Ideas …Activity …Notes …

People can search the internet for everything and anything.
In the future they will want things that were made ‘just  for people like them’.
Big business can’t cater for these specific requirements  and small highly “niched” businesses will emerge as very profitable and fun places to be ‘working’.

JB – I embrace the Internet as the way that businesses will develop in the future – from the traditional ways to home-based businesses.

Exercise 5

Exercises …Activity …Notes …

What industry do you enjoy spending your time in?

JB – The Internet Marketing Business which is the OPEN DOOR to so many opportunities to work from home

Make a list of Micro-Niches in that industry (Think: Gender, Geography, Specialty, Common Interest).

JB – Blogging Systems, Building Traffic, Building websites etc – all these and much more are covered by training

Google some of these Micro-Niches to see if someone has already claimed this land.

JB – There are something like 520.000,000 money making opportunities on the Internet – the clever bit is to “separate the wheat from the chaff!”

Exercise 6

Exercises …Activity …Notes …

Map out the timeline of your life with high points and low points. Start out as early as you can remember and try to remember some of the details for each memory.
Once you have your life’s timeline, look for the themes – were you with groups? Were you outdoors? Were you the leader?

JB – Back in the mists of time I left school and joined a bank as my first job after which I moved into the world of Trade Association Administration – it does not sound very exciting but for some 35 years I had a ball! There are more details at the end of this article – <<<just click on the link>>>

Make a list of your skills and talents (on separate pieces of paper) and see if you can join them up. Eg: Bilingual-Archery-Consultant.

JB – I suppose that the description of a consultant is really applicable to me – as General Secretary of many trade association over the years I developed many personal skills and experiences – administration in particular, dealing with so many different people! (general memberships, council and committee members, exhibition and conference participants and golf players!) and every type of event you can think of. In 1994 I was introduced to networking products which I worked on very much on a part-time basis along with my principal business. When I retired a couple of years ago I realised that networking created the possibility of supplementing my pension funds. And here we are today!

On your bathroom mirror stick a sign that reads:

“I am already standing on a mountain of value. My story is valuable, my experience is unique, I am worth my weight in gold just as I am.
All of my future learnings will come from the process of me producing value.”

JB – Visit my bathroom sometime!

Part 2 The Five Outcomes of a Key Person of Influence


Here’s a hint from Victor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning (1946)…

“Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment.

Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated, thus, everyone’s task is unique as his specific opportunity”

The second part will appear in a later training when, hopefully you will be better equipped to answer the remaining questions!

As mentioned above there are more details ABOUT ME – <<<just click here>>>

P.S. “Become a key person of influence”  by Daniel Priestley – I would highly recommend you to buy a copy from Amazon NOW –  just place title and author as above in the search box      <<<just click here>>>

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    Interesting post. I never thought about to do an exercise from a book to use it directly for a blog post. To get a person of influence you have to discover where you really are and what your really want. And such exercises will definitely help you to become a person of influence.

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