Live for the Moment or Post for the Moment!.. Day 14 Part 3

Live for the Moment or Post for the Moment!.. Day 14 Part 3

Judith - remember your first love

Originally going to be one full blog only. BUT I have now gone over my pre-determined word limit TWICE and so I am now into the 3rd and Final Part of ‘Live for the Moment or Post for the Moment!

The holiday at Butlin’s, Skegness was something that I will always treasure in my mind. Today, things could have been so different but don’t get me wrong I have no regrets how my life has panned out with Janet, John and Claire – a family life with children for over 40 years!

Anyway, getting back to the story – remember Judith lived in Manchester and I was in North Surrey at the time. I traveled to Manchester 3/4 times to see her in the following year. We would go to the Locarno Ballroom in Sale, Cheshire, bicycle rides to Knutsford through the woods, take walks in Cheadle Hulme – a lovely park,

Judith - Cheadle Hulme

telephoned her from the nearby public red telephone box at least once a week when you could have unlimited calls for a penny or tuppence! and we wrote dozens of letters to each other. I always looked forward to the postman!

There came the day when Judith was supposed to visit me in North Surrey but looking back later I realised then that for such a young girl traveling on her own to London, I was expecting too much of her. I think she really wanted to come but, fair enough, her parents must have been deeply worried about it all and stopped her from coming.

Judith - Urmston

I remember making one final trip to see Judith in Manchester in the winter and by then we both realised that we could not carry on with a long distance romance. She said that we would probably not see me again and I recall the image of her in my mind so well of saying goodbye at the railway station and leaving her on the platform as the train pulled out of the station. She looked so lonely and sad and I was in tears.

Anyway, we promised to keep in touch and so for a while we wrote to each other then one day in a letter from her she wrote that she had just returned from a holiday in Majorca and that song “It’s now or never” by Elvis Presley kept on being played every where she went. That must have been in August 1960, one year after we had first met at Skegness. After that we gradually lost touch – I often thought if only I had done this or that but whatever it was not meant to be!

The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)… But I would walk 500 miles. And I would walk 500 more. Just to be the man who walked 1000 miles

If had my time again I would probably have walked 500 miles to see her and be with her but fate plays its hand. As I say I have no regrets. Life has been very good to me – great family and friends, living in a beautiful part of the country, doing the things I love to do – swimming, walking, “karaokeing,” a great career in trade association administration and traveling all over the world and of course, in my Third Age I am developing an internet business with help from my friends!

Of course I will never know what might have been but I remember a few years later I telephoned her parents who said that Judith was very well and happy and got married on 12th September 1964. Well, what a coincidence, Janet and I got married on 5th September 1964!

Oh yes, one final thing I will always remember Judith at this time of the year. Her birthday is 17th August and I think she was born in 1946. I still have many of her letters tucked away in a drawer.

As they say “That’s Life!” View this song at the end!

That is the end of my own personal story about my first true love. Would anyone be bold enough to tell their story? We could start a thread! Please leave your comments below.


With special thanks to all those people who inspired me to write this content. There are too many to name individually!

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Inspired by Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars and Game of Tribes for which many thanks.

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2 Responses to Live for the Moment or Post for the Moment!.. Day 14 Part 3

  1. Dawn says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, John. It was lovely to read, even if also a little sad! I’m glad to hear that life appears to have turned out well for you all and at least you have nice memories of your first love :)
    Dawn recently posted…Log in or miss out: Does avoiding social media lead to social exclusion?My Profile

    • John says:

      Hi Dawn, I really, really appreciate your kind comments – it is strange how life works out for us all. I always think that there is something out there guiding our destinies. Who knows what is in store for us?

      It is so important to be happy and make every day count. As you have heard on many occasions – “This is not a dress rehearsal!”

      Many thanks.

      Cheers John

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