Is this the End of a Beautiful Blog Series..All Together Now! Day 30

Is this the End of a Beautiful Blog Series..All Together Now! Day 30

Beth Hewitt

Beth Hewitt organises the 30 Day Blog Post Challenge and we have just come to the “End of a Beautiful Blog Series” – the 4th one this year (2013). There were many participants of which I was one to take part in all of them. In the last 12 months we have come to realise the benefits of participation and these are numerous!

Earlier this year Gavin Mountford wrote an article about this and the main features are as follows:-

  • More search engine presence
  • Be a BLOGGER and attract more likes, shares , comments and traffic… then of course you NEED content otherwise … nobody is going to find you are they!
  • Learn new skills
  • Increase your brand and following
  • Make more cash
  • Content for your blog will help you reach and IMPACT on more people
  • Make a different in other people’s lives and help LEVERAGE your efforts because you’ll have more traffic coming to your blog which you can make money from…

Beth Hewitt has been blogging since 2009 and is passionate about blogging, personal development, marketing and helping others succeed. In 2012 she founded the Simple Blogging Network because she was tired of seeing intelligent, talented bloggers getting disillusioned and frustrated because they never made a dime online. Beth aims to cut down the learning curve for bloggers new and old, simplifying all aspects of blogging and helping great bloggers get the recognition they deserve. (Beth Hewitt)

If you are not already a subscriber to the 30 Day Blog Post Challenge and would like details about the programme in 2014, please send me an email or Facebook message as below. 

Beth's 30 Day Simple Blogging Challenge

Because of my participation in the Simple Blogging Network it has:-

  • encouraged me to learn much more about blogging and social networking
  • brought me friendship with like-minded people from all round the world who I would never have met otherwise
  • helped me to understand and learn so much more about online business by knowing my “expert” friends
  • introduced me to people who I know, like and trust that are happy to readily help me and vice versa
  • given me the opportunity to read dozens of blogs which often contain useful tips and information and to like, comment and share their blogs
  • let me find out the “who to go to experts” in order to seek specific advice and knowledge
  • developed my confidence enormously by the simple process of “the more you do the more you learn!”
  • opened doors to other people’s worlds, culture and knowledge which I may never have experienced otherwise
  • let me have the flexibility to decide whether to, or could find the time to blog daily, two or three time a week – the choice is yours!
  • in a way it has helped me to set up my game plan for the future or sometimes change my course of direction if I wish
  • now after this initial participation, it has given me the experience to make decisions about my course of action for the future so at last “I know where I’m going and I know who’s coming with me!”

See the light

  • helped me “to see the light” so I may decide to blog every day in future but the clever bit is to mix the “quick fix blog” with say two blogs a week which would be carefully crafted to develop other skills
  • made me realise that carefully crafted blogs with the appropriate key words and many other skills attached to them, will attract the search engines and hence much more free traffic
  • led me to think about the role of mentoring as along the way you should find someone at least to be your mentor as he or she could save you a great deal of time and effort. I know some people who have more than one mentor and it is a balance of what you want and expenditure involved.
  • opened ideas to me that there are so many different ways to approach online marketing and businesses without spending thousands on US$, Euros or British Pounds Sterling on the latest “Fantastic Moneymaking Successful Shiny Business Opportunity!”
  • led me, finally to believe that I am on the right pathway to success owing to my many blog friends and to say thank you all for showing me the way “with a lot not a little help from my friends!”

Sorry everybody, but being a fanatical Beatles’ fan, I could not resist the following video and IT IS A BIT FUN!

This is like an “end of term” presentation but this is only the beginning! Let us learn and undertake research to build a great database of knowledge and information for future reference for ourselves but of course to help others. That is what is so important!

Zig Ziglar once said…

“If you HELP enough other people get what they want in this world… then you can have anything you want…”

This quote has stood the test of time and it is so true – try i!

AND FINALLY – the flexibility to decide whether to, or could find the time to blog daily, two or three time a week – the choice is yours!

Blogs beauty of blogging

The beauty of blogging is that you can let your imagination run riot to choose anything you wish to write – in the last 30 days I have written about many subjects, some made up of a series of blogs including:-

*Planning for your Retirement
*A New Way to Search on Facebook is Coming – Personalised to You!
*When the Road… Seems all Uphill, Rest, if You Must, but Don’t you Quit!
*If you can keep your Head when All about You Are losing theirs!
*A Short History of Rudyard Kipling as a College Student at Westward Ho!
The Older We Get, Check it Out – A Different Blog..Just for Fun!
*A Time for Reflection…50th Anniversaries In 2013!
*Then I will remember The things we said today!
*There I was Digging this Hole in my Internet Business
*The Beatles Songs – most popular ones – A Day in the Life
*Who said that I was Not Happy in the Dis-A-Ray of the North Atlantic Array!
*Is it the Power of the Wind Changers that makes a Profound Difference?
Is this the End of a Beautiful Blog Series..All Together Now! Day 30

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS FINAL BLOG OF THE SERIES AND GIVEN YOU SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT AS WE MOVE INTO 2014! – for more information about these blogs please visit my website here.

Motivated by the Inspiration of Others and the Love of Music!

You are most welcome to comment below.

Helping to make a difference in your lives – contact me if you would like some guidance and advice about online network marking as below:-

John Barton


Phone: 0044 (0)1237 476 068

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27 Responses to Is this the End of a Beautiful Blog Series..All Together Now! Day 30

  1. Barrie Evans says:

    It certainly was a great experience. I look forward to the next one John
    Barrie Evans recently posted…Six Steps To Success As A Home Business EntrepreneurMy Profile

  2. Brilliant post John and have loved reading everyone’s posts over the last 30 days. Not the end of a beautiful friendship but just the start of better friendships to come !!. Beth certainly is a wonderful woman and appreciate all she does for us.
    Merle Gibbins recently posted…What’s Killing Your Dream?My Profile

    • John says:

      Hi Merle
      Many thanks for your comments -like you say Beth has inspired us and so many others to write and share bloga and making friends in the process.
      Through Beth’s creativity we now have an opportunity open to us all to move forward….
      Cheers John

  3. John, it was a real pleasure meeting you this time through! I enjoy the variety of posts you write… and this has lead to being FB friends where I can drop in for a serenade!!
    Definitely looking forward to 2014!!
    Agnes Knowles recently posted…Weekend Wisdom 10My Profile

    • John says:

      How about that Agnes, thank you so much for your comments. I am glad we are FB friends and like you really looking forward to 2014!
      Cheers John

  4. Sonia says:

    Nice work John!

    An absolute pleasure to meet you and I’m sure the end of the challenge does not mean an end to us all keeping in touch :)

    Keep up the awesome work.
    Sonia recently posted…A Mantra To Live ByMy Profile

    • John says:

      Hi Sonia
      Many thanks for your kind comments and with all the things going on that we have in common, I am sure looking forward to keeping in touch with you.

      Cheers John

  5. Nice John. This was the first challenge I had done with Beth and it was amazing. I learned a lot from others and am looking forward to the next one. Anita
    Anita Levesque recently posted…What Strategies Are You Using To Get Ready For 2014?My Profile

  6. Brett Jones says:

    Thanks for this article reviewing Beth’s 30 Day blog challenge, my first. I’ve learnt a lot and will continue learning, and I have enjoyed meeting new fellow bloggers. Keep up the good work!

  7. John says:

    Hi Brett, Many thanks for your message. As you see my blog showed my appreciation of Beth’s good work and experiencing such a lot of good just as you did.

    Cheers John
    John recently posted…Is this the End of a Beautiful Blog Series..All Together Now! Day 30My Profile

  8. My boyfriend also loved the scoops uncovered in here. recently posted… Profile

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    • John says:

      Thank you for your response. A friend of mine helped me with the Spanish translation although she is Italian!

      I appreciate your sentiments.

      Cheers John
      John Barton

  10. Anibal says:

    Without any doubt, there’s a great number of awesome content in here!
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  13. Selma says:

    I’m going to forward this document to my nephew.

    I’m pretty sure he’ll get pleasure from looking through it.
    Selma recently posted…SelmaMy Profile

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