Is my story in essence really different from anyone else?


Is my story in essence really different from anyone else?

Hi, my name is John Barton, married to Janet with two children who have now flown the nest. Our son, his wife and our first grandson live in Japan and our daughter lives locally. My sister lives just across the river. Since we moved here to Westward Ho! Bideford, North Devon over 4 years ago from South London we feel as though we are permanently on holiday! There is so much history here in North Devon. This ranges from the story of the battle with the Viking King “Hubba the Dane” and King Alfred in the late 9th Century to the more modern reflections of the writers Rudyard Kipling and Charles Kingsley. Don’t forget the English Civil War in the 17th Century with the final battle at Torrington nearby!

My working life began in the sixties in a London bank but when we got married I thought about my career prospects and realised that the only way I was going to be promoted was through the process of “dead man’s shoes” ie when the bank manager retires, everyone moves up one place! I was ambitious and felt I had to find something that suited my administrative skills but also my passion to succeed in whatever I was doing!

I firmly believe in fate but fate sometimes needs a little help! All at once several opportunities came my way – I believe in the Law of Attraction! I wanted to be a company secretary, but in fact I chose to be an assistant to a Trade Association Secretary because of its great potential. For the next 35 years I had a ball! I was promoted very quickly as Secretary to a number of small trade associations. At that time it was all about “on the job training” and was the only way to learn about the world of trade associations at that time! Of course later, the profession attracted the formation of associations for our industry sector, trade magazines and even specialist trade exhibitions and conferences. As a result, the Government realised the importance of the role played by trade associations in contributing so much support and expertise for the benefit of the UK economy.

I was so busy and passionate about my profession

  • I always wanted perfection and to develop both industry trade associations and golf societies.
  • I was deeply involved in the Oil, Petrochemical and Marine Industries, Catering and Catering Equipment Industries and finally the Events Industry. So busy – in fact too busy!
  • I set up trade associations which have gone from strength to strength together with conferences and exhibitions and many other new projects.
  • When I was recovering from a heart operation, we decided to sub-contract a number of conferences to outside organisers but they turned out to be inadequate and I had to step into the breach to make sure that the conventions went ahead.
  • During all those busy times I met key people in the Oil and Petrochemical Industry, Embassadors and High Commissioners around the world and many celebrities especially when organising charity golf tournaments about ten times a year in places such as Wentworth, Sunningdale, Gleneagles, West Hill, The Belfry, St Pierre, Chepstow, Walton on the Hill, Selsdon Park, Quinta de Lago, Penina , The Algarve and a couple in Spain and Majorca – all too much!

I travelled extensively to North and South America (including San Diego, Dallas, New York, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo) and Perth, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, China, Japan, India briefly(!), Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Jordan briefly(!), Istanbul and many places in Europe etc. Someone mentions a place – I’ve probably been there! – all too much!

For over thirty years I enjoyed cricket and in the early years I played for a major bank but when I joined another bank I remember very well in my first game I broke my knee cap. I recovered just in time for our wedding day in South London and honeymoon in Ireland – only I was able to drive a car at that time down to Killarney and back – what memories! I also remember a special September in the 2000s! – I had a triple heart bi-pass operation and hoped that I would be able to celebrate a special family weekend. This was when our son and his wife (just married in Japan) came to North Surrey for a blessing of their marriage. It was the full on wedding with everything – church wedding, bridesmaids, limousine, wedding breakfast at the local golf club and a barn dance afterwards. Family and friends came from all over the United Kingdom and Japan! What a great day and what beautiful weather! BUT there was another celebration on the following day – we celebrated our Ruby Wedding Anniversary and we had a lovely lunch with the immediate family – what memories!

Too young to retire!

  • Although no longer a player I still enjoy watching the local cricket team at weekends. I play at golf occasionally! – better at organising a tournament rather than taking part!
  • Also indulge in an indoor heated swimming pool and pub karaoke occasionally. We enjoy walking along the North Devon coast especially with our daughter’s dog when she is working away or on holiday.
  • We enjoy travelling and hope to visit Japan in the year ahead. About four years ago we had a wonderful holiday there.
  • We support the North Devon Hospice that provides free end-of-life care and support to individuals and families faced with the impact of a life-threatening illness. We have witnessed firsthand what splendid work they do.
  • A couple of years ago we became a host family for students from Eastern Europe organised through a local English Language School – challenging at times for my wife but great fun too. She enjoys gardening and cooking and has been asked by several students if she could go back to their homes to help them!

Although time is of the essence, I feel that I have still so much more to offer! I am of retiring age but continue to work from home because I still have many ambitions to fulfill. We worked for some 40 years but in these last few years I became more aware that we were taking on more work and responsibilities but I was not delegating the work as I should have done. And of course we just carried on and no one asked if we wanted any help and one day it all came to a head. I realised people would just let us carry on regardless. No one seemed to care about my experience and the loyalty I had brought to the business.

I had no thought of retiring as I was enjoying life so much but it all turned rather sour for reasons I can only conjecture upon, possibly because my official retirement date had passed by without me noticing it! I was so engrossed in the routine of what I was doing year in year out but there came a point where things had to change – it just could have been handled better – anyway, that’s all now just history. But upon reflection it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me!

In 1994 we were introduced to what was to us a completely new way of working and earning money that we could do alongside our existing business. Working smarter not harder!   That was the theory but I never took it seriously enough at that time. I treated it as a “hobby” and of course I got paid hobby money! I have always wanted to help other people to be successful but without focusing on myself. There is nothing better than to help other people succeed and change their lives forever in their health and their wealth but somehow success does spill over to you too!

I searched around and tried many different ideas but realised as I was getting closer to retirement that none of these were really working for us. I still had some financial commitments when I retired and needed additional income to supplement my pension funds. And of course I was worried in case I became ill and could not carry on. It was the beginning of the recession at this time and brought many challenges making it almost impossible to start having success even in a home-based business. I faced so many pains, problems and challenges and it seemed harder the more I tried. I had always achieved my objectives in trade associations but with home-based businesses it was a different story. I started to think that I was not cut out for this – was it something about me why people never bought or partnered with me.

But after so many years involved in network marketing part-time I found that I had a passion for it and thoroughly enjoyed it although earning only “hobby money.” But for that I would have quit some time ago.

Now so many more people are looking for home-based businesses on the internet these days especially in these uncertain times of job losses, businesses closing down and people realising that their quality of life, especially with the family, is being challenged all the time.

  • Then as if by fate I met one or two people who started mentoring me about internet business and whose experience would help me and from whom I could learn very rapidly.
  • It made me realise that in today’s society to have a really successful home-based business you need to embrace the internet and work with a team of like-minded people who are willing to help you.
  • Believing in the expression “Givers gain” I was at the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life.
  • It is our aim to help every single person who crosses our path wanting to “change their life” by finding out what their pathway is, what are their dreams and aspirations and to set them on a journey to achieve their success.
  • In particular I wish to record my warmest thanks to Chris and Susan Beesley who set me on the right pathway.

I firmly believe that obtaining experience from successful people is all that is required and to apply what I’ve learned. I am gaining confidence and encouragement all the time; something that is almost unheard of in the usual business model of trading time for money. I will never really retire from my home-based businesses because I enjoy it and have met some great people who give me the good feel factor and belief in myself that I could work my own business and be successful at it. I started meeting all kinds of successful people through networking and writing blogs. It is not like a traditional job when people first start out building a business. First of all, money comes in slower than you think and perhaps you can’t handle that, but once you get started the income begins in flow in faster all by itself. That’s called leverage and it is something traditional business can’t do for their employees.

Now is the time to get on board and learn how to generate income for life in something you enjoy and that is special to your needs – not somebody else. I am developing a business which will generate good levels of income and keeps you in touch with the latest strategies that pay over and over again year after year.

“Consistency will win over intensity – achieving a small goal day by day – everything you think and do is a journey to where you want to be” – John Barton

“I would never have amounted to anything were it not for adversity. I was forced to come up the hard way” – J. C. Penney

I would like to believe what “Dragon” James Caan once said about one of his prospects “I am intrigued by you and something tells me at some point in your life you are going to do something incredible”

“If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re probably right.”     Henry Ford

“It is never too late to develop a new business and skills – remember Grandma Moses!” John Barton

Our ultimate aim is to achieve the financial freedom that everyone craves for and to help as many other people as possible along that pathway.

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16 Responses to Is my story in essence really different from anyone else?

  1. I have to say John – you’ve had a fantastic career and lots of fun back in your job, and are now doing the same in your Home Business – it’s a pleasure to be working and sharing with you in Networking Superstars :)

  2. Beth Hewitt says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I too have worked in banking and I too was ambitious and got itchy feed and couldn’t stay where I was. I like to keep moving. If I don’t I get frustrated. That is what I love about home businesses you get to do what you do best and that is be you.

    I really liked your post, I got to find out a lot more about you. I like your personal development posts I think you do it well.
    Beth :)

    • John says:

      Hi Beth
      I am pleased with your comments as I was not sure what to expect! I don’t think you can write “About me” in 500 words!
      I am just leaving it a bit longer before I install this on my webpage.

      On this blog I have gone in depth about my personal life but I think it is always good to relate something personal on your blogs.
      With Networking Superstars! I really enjoy commenting and sharing with others like you. Many thanks again Beth.
      Regards John

  3. John says:

    That is exactly what I want to do in my Third Age, Jacs! – working hard but having fun. Life is what you make it. Having met you through Networking Superstar! I really look forward to working with you in 2013. Happy New Year and a great Christmas to you and yours Cheers John

  4. John…thanks for sharing this. You have had an amazing life…and all the travel! That alone must have been one of the best educations that you could ever subscribe to. Although I (typical America…blush) do not understand the game of Cricket, I always appreciate those who stive to excel in some sort of physical activity to stay in shape. Well done!

    • John Barton says:

      Hi Martin
      I much appreciate your kind remarks. I have had a long and hectic life and as you know I have a lot more to offer and associating with friends like you is what it is all about! Many thanks and Seasonal Greetings. Cheers John

  5. Susan Cooper says:

    John – What an exciting life you have lived. I too have left the corporate world for to follow my artistic side. I am passionate about my blog and my art. Wonderful post. :-)

    • John says:


      Looking back I overlooked! Sorry! Many thanks for your comments – in the end you are driven by your own emotions. We certainly share that as with many others.

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  7. Looks like you have had as much of a full life as I have John. I also lived in South London and took in students. That was great while it lasted and I loved it. Great about me page and nice to find out more about other peoples lives.

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