Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit.. ILSK Part 1 Day 19

Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit…ILSK Part 1 Day 19

This course is designed in 12 parts to take you through the process of setting up your


online business. It covers how to build your website, create your autoresponders and squeeze pages and also to start driving traffic to your website.


This is a step by step guide for you to download and keep a check on your progress as you go through the program. It will help you with your productivity schedule.


An introduction to your internet business and a practical guide to getting yourself set up.
  • Be prepared to learn and work hard
  • A reliable internet connection and telephones with voicemail
  • Space to work comfortably on a computer or laptop
  • Organise online tools
  • Manage time effectively with a Day/Week schedule
  • Don’t allow distractions but have a balanced family life

How An Internet Business Works

Internet - how it works

A simple model giving you an overview of how an internet business works.

  • Generate traffic to a website – a lead capture page
  • Offer a free gift for an email address and name
  • Build relationships and prospects will become buyers
  • If the products are good, you will get repeat business 


An overview of your internet business foundations

  • Website, Lead Capture Page and Autoresponder all linked together

Click here to find out more about the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit – a proven formula to make money online.

Upon the purchasing of The Starter Kit there will be updates and extra bonuses on Facebook Marketing 2013, Attraction Marketing, Internet Marketing as a Home Business and many other resources.

With special thanks to Chris and Susan Beesley and Greg and Fiona Scott who are the co-authors of Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit who have inspired me to write/contribute to this content.

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John Barton is a marketing entrepreneur assisting those who are retiring in a few years’ time or have already retired and who are looking for help about the internet and online businesses and making a difference to their lives

Click here to find out more about the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit – a proven formula to make money online.

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