Inspiration must be one of the greatest gifts ever offered to you

Inspiration must be one of the greatest gifts ever offered to you!

When it seems impossible, when it seems like nothing is going to work, you’re usually just a few millimeters away from making it happen.” – Anthony Robbins

Dave Wood said once: “RIGHT NOWpay attention.  I want you to remember a time – remember a time when you were powerful…. remember a time when you made a decision that changed your life… remember a time, when in ONE MOMENT, you did something that altered time forever, that changed the direction of your life.”

He also said “I want you to write a blog post on the power of language, and put it on your ……….Blog.  Write it from scratch, with your own creativity, with your own stories, and link back to this post as a reference.

I was gathering my thoughts over the weekend about what I would be doing this week but somehow all that has changed!

My thoughts are all over the place at present! BUT what is upper most in my mind is the way Great Britain has achieved the almost impossible by bringing the Olympics and the Paralympics to London. As I reflect on these historical events at this moment of time what could be a more fitting end to all the Games and Celebrations than the overwhelming Street Parade of several hundred participants of Team GreatBritain taking place in London. Their pride and joy in being so successful has touched the four corners of our Great Britain! All these sportsmen and women have been totally inspired to achieve all that they have done.

Olympics Chairman Sebastian Coe said: “We’ve shared some wonderful days haven’t we? Days where incredible people have performed feats we hardly thought possible. The Paralympians have lifted the cloud of limitation.”

And with that goes the massive thanks to all the tens of thousands of volunteer helpers, police, military and security people and so many others to make these Olympics the most successful in history.

How do you define INSPIRATION? – when you make a life changing decision!

  • Set up a new business
  • A time when you decide to get married
  • Make a complete change to your current way of life
  • Feel the wonders of nature and life
  • Empower yourself into the future

WHEN YOU SEE THE LIGHT – imagine where you can go. It is a gift they let you have whereby you can start over again. “See the sights around you!  Feel the feelings going through your body! Breath the way that you were breathing – look at the sights around.   Feel the sound of the air – the beating of your heart, feel the SOLES of your feet…”

I have collected a stable of potential blogs on many different subjects and confess to being a collectomaniac! Whenever I read or note something down that may be useful or of interest to my readers I just create a brief file for reference.

“Remember – experiences have no meaning, just the decision that guides the memory.” Just think of what Facebook has done – simply shut off the ability to like and comment on this page. What happened “we’re growing so fast, that Facebook got nervous, and shut us down – so now we, as a people – TOGETHER, with a unified voice, will lock arms and fight the forces that oppress us. I created meaning out of no meaning, and as a result, everyone’s checks increased by 25% in the Month of August (overall).” – Dave Wood, Empower Network.

Inspiration – blog on subjects to mean whatever you want.

1)      The coming of the Messiah

2)      Reflections on the Olympics and Paralympics

3)      Stories from 9/11

4)      Putting the Great back in Britain

5)      Stories against all the odds

Make every blog meaningful and as a useful source of reference but it is the decision that guides the memory.

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 Inspired by Dave Wood.

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