If Blogging be the Food of Network Marketing! Guide Day 14

If Blogging be the Food of Network Marketing!

My 30 Day Simple Network Marketing Guide Day 14

The essence of Network Marketing is building relationships with other people – now how do you do that? By subscribing to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube. There are of course many more networks.

From the previous post we decided to use Empower Network as an example of a network business. The purpose of daily blogging is to build up relationships – to get to know who they are and to give them a teaser on your content so that they will want to know more and will go to your lead capture or optin page. Sometimes a series of “follow up emails” are set up automatically by getting a special code which is placed in your Aweber or Get Response website form. Then you need to “personalise” each email to suit your story and circumstances. However, automated emails are not always enough and occasionally you should send a special email to your list.

A tip or two – you should add your own email address to the list so that you receive copies of the emails to check them out and write emails as though you’ve got 1000 names on your list – you will become good at it and encourage you to send your emails out to the social media. People don’t know if you’ve have 1, 50, 100, 500 or 1000 or more on your list – potentially you could be building great relationships.

Look at other people’s emails and discover a few tips and strategies. Often people swipe other people’s content from these emails and you can personalise them to your way of writing.

You can also share other people’s stories or something about yourself or something going on live which is important – it shows a little of ourselves. Why not arrange a chat on Facebook?

There are others who enjoy making lots of videos – it shows your lifestyle, what you do, where you are, have a home-based business, freedom of choices, even an update on something simple to send to your list. Emphasis on your home-based business is very important.

Many bloggers follow the Rule of ” A Blog Post or Email a Day Keeps your List with a Say!” Find out what they want, chat on Facebook, help them and deliver what they say. So many topics for consideration and don’t forget the “follow up emails.”

There are differences of opinion about “cross promoting” <<<click here for details>>>

What you do is to promote the tools, resources and training that you use in your business. By doing this it helps people in their business and at the same time gives you a little marketing budget. Get your list to become buyers and this starts them into a “buying process” making it much easier for them to engage in your business platform.

Building a successful business

You have to be 100% focused and consistent to attract visitors to your webpage. You will make little or no money if you have too few streams of income or worse if you only have one!

In the next post – developing many different streams of income.


Inspired by Chris and Susan Beesley with many thanks.

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2 Responses to If Blogging be the Food of Network Marketing! Guide Day 14

  1. Jon Barry says:

    Hi John

    I have never heard that oddly worded saying before, where did you find that?

    I agree with your general theme, find out what people want to, and either give it to them, or tell them where to get it! We do not need to know all the answers, as long as we help people to find the answer!

    I am more 100% behind using swipe content, and never just swipe content!

    It would not sound like “me” at all, and by the time unfinished converting it, I may as well have written it myself!

    It is one reason many may not “swipe” my content, at least not the words, although at times many have borrowed from the subject of some of my posts, and thoughts I was putting over………

    When that happens you have to fake away from the positives…..

    This subject, this info from the post was so compelling OTHERS just had to write about, and share the content!

    A head tip in my direction would have been nice though, so was glad to see you do that to Christmas and Susan at the end of your Rticle!

    Posted By Jon Barry of JonBarry.co.uk

  2. John says:

    Many thanks Jon. That quote comes from me!
    “This subject, this info from the post was so compelling OTHERS just had to write about, and share the content!” – Very much appreciated.
    I am sorry to have missed a head tip in your direction – Usually I am very keen to acknowledge any content or help from others.
    Once again many thanks – I always find your comments most helpful.
    Cheers John
    John recently posted…Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone If You Want To Be Successful In Network Marketing – Guide Day 15My Profile

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