How to Get Rid of Stuff so You Can Focus!…BPG Day 3

How to Get Rid of Stuff so You Can Focus!…BPG Day 3

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On the second Training Day I reported on Learning the Exact Skills You Require to Earn Multiple Streams of Income!… The Business Productivity Guy. (BPG) – click on “Reminder Video” at foot of page. **

Today we learn about “How to Get Rid of Stuff so You Can Focus on your life and business.” 

PLEASE NOTE! As you know the training and podcasts were recorded a few weeks ago!

“Stop all activities (or cut back on things for now) that aren’t contributing to your main focus. Based on your values.”

Very wise words! such as:-

  • Don’t watch TV so much
  • Change your sports so you can multitask!
  • Ask for help with some chores so you get more work done
  • Check Facebook and emails on the phone…worthwhile implementing
  • Cancel subscriptions to software, systems and opportunities not benefiting you
  • Go Paperless
  • Just have all email inboxes coming into one central inbox
  • Batch similar tasks together, like Blog posts, Facebook updates, coaching calls etc
  • Many more things to eliminate or cut back on!

FOCUS on your HIGH leverage activities and don’t mess about with emails and Facebook first thing in the day… leave that till later!

IMPORTANT Words of Advice… be calm and follow the training ‘passively’. Just by listening to them DAILY and taking action where you can, will help improve your productivity.

AND SO MUCH MORE! The link below includes the daily podcast – a worthwhile exercise and.. take action where you can improve your productivity. ENJOY it! This is a FUN process that takes time……BPG Day 3


The Business Productivity Guy Podcast is a DAILY show, and there will be a lot of content coming your way.

Please DO NOT get overwhelmed with all the ‘stuff’ you’ve got to do. You DO NOT have to do any of this stuff if you don’t have time to. Come back to it later. The goal is to help you get out of information overload and FOCUS on getting the right stuff done…

P.S. Remember to listen to The Business Productivity show DAILY… create a strong habit.

**Eliminate information overload in your life – Day 2

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  1. Merle says:

    Great advice John and have been getting rid of things today !!
    Merle recently posted…How To Get Qualified For Operating Heavy MachineryMy Profile

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