How to Become an Expert in your Niche Sooner or Later? Part 1…

How to Become an Expert in your Niche Sooner or Later? Part 1…

People want content they need especially if you can help them with their pains, problems and challenges.


Expert in your niche
You need to Become an Expert in your Niche Sooner or Later by being a Researcher and Reporter in Your Industry.The sooner you realise this the better it is for you and your visitors! You become focused and your job is to go out there and research your industry:-

  • Look for first class blog posts to help your visitors
  • Discover products and services you can partner with or become an affiliate with
  • Find and interview experts in your niche
  • Gain knowledge, find out about the latest trends and topics so you are able to write about them
  • Help them with their pains, problems and challenges – direct them to forums, to groups and social networks or request them to complete a survey
  • What does their target market need
  • Get comfortable with their terminology and phrases especially with reading books on the subject matter to learn so much more
  • Research is a moving feast – it is constantly moving so KEEP AHEAD OF THE CROWD!


You are learning all about your industry and how it all works together. People who don’t know will come to you to learn all about it. They find you attractive! This is because you’ve collated information and knowledge which you’ve learned from reading books and blogs, courses, webinars, interviews, Facebook etc and you are now communicating all this content to your audience.

The best way is by blogging and link to the original source of the content (directly or an affiliate link) – REMEMBER THE CONTENT RATIO RULE ( 80% value added content and 20% affiliate links, promotional content). Don’t forget you can still give value by recommending a product or service through an affiliate link.

By undertaking this research and reporting your results you will become an EXPERT and AUTHORITY in your industry.

Great source of content
Great source of content – other people’s!

  • A fantastic blog post, video, product/service or message about your target audience – BLOG BRIEFLY ABOUT IT!
  • A dual purpose situation – giving valuable resources to your target market and also building relationships with people who provide this content which you are sharing and recommending to your audience
  • Without doubt you are establishing in the minds of your followers that YOU are the “must go to person” to find knowledge and information about this subject matter
  • Are you a part of Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars! Hangouts or Masterminds? Did you gain some fabulous information? Why not GRAB a screenshot and write about it on your blog.. Facebook, Twitter+ etc and then go to STEP 3 – I refer to this in a minute….
  • Have you read and learned something from a powerful blog post on Networking Superstars! etc? REPORT BACK TO YOUR FOLLOWERS!
  • Have you “picked up” a GOLDEN NUGGET from a training? Be sure to share that nugget with others and LINK back to the training, video etc…
  • Blog about that nugget and link to the original post, share the content, update your Facebook status with it, tweet and re-tweet other people’s news…

People will really appreciate and thank you for giving this valuable information and will pay you more attention in future because you are able to give them content, products and tutorials they NEED and can’t necessarily find themselves.


In Part 2 – Tease Your Fans & Followers and Use Curiosity In Your Marketing

Build. Lead. Inspire

Inspired by Gavin Mountford for which many thanks.

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8 Responses to How to Become an Expert in your Niche Sooner or Later? Part 1…

  1. Loved reading this post John and I have to say I pick up gold nuggets every time I attend a webinar or hangout and often just by speaking to people. You never stop learning. Great tips and advice.
    Merle Gibbins recently posted…Oompa Loompa !! – You Will Want To Dance To This …..My Profile

  2. Providing valuable content is always the way to go John. Researching your niche and give them what they want.
    Wayne Gillies recently posted…Installing WordPress pluginsMy Profile

  3. Marty Simons says:

    Hi John, This is a great post about content curation. I must admit that I haven’t used it much but I need to try it. Readers want to know instantly about new ideas and concepts. Thank for this reminder!
    Marty Simons recently posted…Internet Marketing Tweaks: Part 1My Profile

  4. Dale Ivory says:

    In a nutshell! Awesome information, John. I’ve been working behind the scenes all week on bits and pieces of these ideas and NOW I find out you had it all laid out for me. Thanks. :)
    Dale Ivory recently posted…Clearing for Consciousness: Times & BasicsMy Profile

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