How Does that Help you Develop your Business? ..Niche Market – part 5v

In Part 5 (v) we consider:-

So how does that help you develop your business? Needs are still our main drivers

niche - fulfilling our needs

These days, in this modern age, whilst you think that all our needs are being well met, our needs are much more powerful now and as society develops, we want our needs to be met in much more sophisticated ways.

Remember when couples got married at a simple wedding ceremony?

  • they spent their early years, struggling and working hard to set up their home
  • managed with the basics whilst saving up for something better?
  • nowadays, many couples expect to spend thousands on a wedding including a trip-of-a-lifetime honeymoon abroad!
  • believe it’s vitally important to have all the modern furniture and facilities in their home, right down to the latest flat screen TV before they even move in — otherwise they feel deprived!
  • our needs have grown enormously – what was once a luxury has become a necessity. In fact, it’s true that the more you have the more you want!
  • friends of ours gave £100.000 as a present to their daughter towards the purchase of her first house . And their daughter just said “thanks”.

Niche - our needs are not being met

Society’s needs are not being met

It seems that whatever people get today, they are simply not satisfied; it’s a case of the more they have the more they want . They never appear to be satisfied. That’s why there are such high levels of depression, psychosomatic illness, eating disorders and the use of mind altering drugs, including alcohol, in our society today. There are higher expectations and people wanting instant gratification – they want so much more than they ever did before.

This is the perfect scenario to be in for business owners to meet these expectations and desires — the clever bit is to identify what people want and offer them the solutions:-

  • one of the biggest mistakes that people make is to pick a product they think might sell well without fully considering all the angles
  • a successful business has to have room to grow and develop, needs products that offer value for money and fulfill the wants and needs of its customers, not just a business that simply competes on price.

It appears that as human beings we are still not really satisfied with what we’ve got – always striving to achieve our full potential in spite of the fact that we have reasonably good health, high levels of wealth and the benefits of sophisticated technology.

This is why perhaps social media has become so successful and is growing at such a phenomenal rate — these sites are filling our social needs in a society which has tended to isolate us as individuals. But we still need good relationships with family, friends and business colleagues; however, our hectic lifestyles mean we have less time to develop our relationships; instead we are sharing short snippets of information via the Internet and texting each other on our mobile devices.

Niche - Anomynity

Anonymity comes in many forms!

Many of us have an internet business, or at least an online presence but this can be a fairly anonymous way of doing business — that may be part of its appeal – making sales and building a business without ever speaking to a living soul! Many marketers like the idea of automating their business to avoid personal contact with customers. I can appreciate how they feel but people still like the personal touch. With Internet based selling, you have to really maximise your communication skills and get across these benefits because you are not necessarily able to do all this in person.

In Part 5 (vi) we consider:- Oh, to be a virtual salesperson!

Source of reference David Anderson for which many thanks.

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2 Responses to How Does that Help you Develop your Business? ..Niche Market – part 5v

  1. Ron West says:

    Great post John! You have certainly made me think about the way I brought my children up, and was I too generous? I know that when you and I were raised, during and shortly after WW2, we did not have the luxuries that young people have today. We had rationing, even on basic food needs. Our families were much closer and united especially with the Grandparents taking a very active role in our upbringing. Life has changed dramatically since then, with the ‘Baby – Boomer’ era and the enormous strides in technology. It has been changed dramatically by the Financial Markets and their power derived from the ‘bean-counters’ who provided the ‘fodder’ to make everything more economically efficient, which depleted so many family values that you an I knew. It is great that you have provoked so many thoughts in this post. Thank you. Kind regards Ron
    Ron West recently posted…Disabled & Independent Living 2My Profile

  2. John says:

    Hi Ron I go with all that you say – hasn’t life changed? Some say for the better – I think in a good many cases – for the worse! Where has all that caring and respect for others gone. I am sorry to say that if you are over 60 say some young people just don’t realise what a fountain of knowledge there is among us older people that they can tap into! As my father used to say “it is only when you are much older that you will understand the true values of life.” I was fortunate it that I discovered this truism before it was too late. Isn’t it a pity that many do not appreciate people who are only a call away. Cheers John
    John recently posted…Oh, To Be a Virtual Salesperson!…Niche Market – part 5viMy Profile

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