How can I Get Out of this State of Overwhelm!…

How can I Get Out of this State of Overwhelm!…
Overwhelm in a state

Recently I have been going through probably one of the worst times in my online business career.

Having thought it all through I know that I am going through a “State of Overwhelm!”

Where is that you ask? Well, it is not something you can touch or see but yet this feeling is extremely powerful and destructive if you let it take over your life!

We are blessed with this wonderful gift of nature called “Choices” but you must be able to recognise the powerful side only and throw the “destructive” part into your trash can!

There is a local company here in North Devon which will Clear Rubbish At Prestidge Prices ( Perhaps we can relate this message to internet marketing! The Internet is full of millions of “making money online opportunities” but wouldn’t it be good if we could clear this rubbish at prestidge prices!

We receive hundreds of thousands of ideas how to gain financial freedom and a better quality of life on the Internet. It is all about making a decision – to “cut to the chase” and make a life-changing move in the right direction!

BUT as most if not all “introducers” to network opportunities will tell you “there is no guarantee to earning such and such an income – this is just an example of what could happen.” Of course this is a perfectly legitimate comment.

Network business opportunities

So what valuable advice could you give to others who are already in network business opportunities or considering it?

1) The most important person in making decisions is YOU. At the end of the day it is up to you!

2)  There are a lot of so-called “social media experts” out there giving advice, sometimes based on limited experiences, and sometimes based on nothing at all!

3) So what does that tell you – I wasted a lot of time trying to find the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” AND THOSE SHINY OBJECTS!

4) The answer is to find people you know, like and trust who will help you along the way.

5) They could become your Mentors – they know that if they help you a little, you may well do business with them.

Zig Ziglar

As Zig Ziglar once said…“If you HELP enough other people get what they want in this world… then you can have anything you want…”

6) Once you get to know people well, you will have access to their training courses, business opportunities and good sound advice. They are not time wasters but will want you to succeed in your business as they will also benefit from your endeavours. Many networking entrepreneurs will tell you that because that is basically how the system works!

7) Sometimes it is a good idea to question information given to you but you will know by experience that your mentors try really hard only to give you the best possible information and advice at hand.


So now what am I doing about all this information, advice and experience gained from this wonderful set of people who I know, like and trust?

1) De-clutter all unnecessary folders, files and mailbox. Ignore all superfluous blogs, networks etc – just delete all daily.

2) Only concentrate on one major business opportunity at a time.

3) Spend so much time on social networking including Facebook, Twitter, Google + Youtube and Emails. There are many others but it is advisable to concentrate on two or three main networks first of all.

4) Spend so much time on training.

5) Start building a list of like-minded people who you think would be happy to receive help and advice from you.

6) Don’t become overwhelmed as I have done. It affects everything else in your life!

7) Remember why we are doing online networking! – to gain financial freedom, to spend more quality time with our family and friends and to develop a residual income.


8) Keep Calm and Carry On!

9) Remember, you will succeed in your endeavours so long as you don’t quit but work hard for a period of time with your mentors.

10) Don’t be fooled by people who say it is easy just because they are outwardly successful – they may have been involved in an online business for many years.

11) It is never too late – I know many people in my age group – the Over 50’s plus some!  They are highly successful.

12) It is so important to remember that “Birds of a Feather Flock Together!” Associate yourself with like-minded people who want or have achieved what you want out of life.

13) Whenever possible, you should attend networking events at different venues but these days so many people benefit by meeting people at live webinars and Google Hangouts online.

14) Do something. Get out, get with people, do something. Fall on your backside, but do something.

15) AND you can work from home with a laptop with all the technology that is available to you. AND occasionally away from home if you have to!

16) To make it all work you must be prepared to invest some money in your business although from experience you are able to obtain so much FREE information from the Internet and Google Search.

17) Mentors are a great source of information and experience – don’t be afraid to ask questions. As someone said “the only silly question is the one you didn’t ask!”

18) Sometimes you have to outsource work which you either haven’t got the skills or inclination to do or the time to do – at a cost of course.

19) A key element in all this is to write up a time management schedule to ensure that everything gets done.

20) Above all, your dreams and aspirations will all come true if you persevere with it.

Dreams happy-family-near-new-house

You are never alone in this online business – it is amazing how quickly you can build up friendships who are happy to talk to you about all kinds of things, exchange ideas and give tips and information. I know many people around the world and can easily engage with them.

So there you are – I’ve tried to give you an insight into how an online business can work for you so long as you have the will to do it. In fact most people are driven by circumstances to an online business as it suits them to work from home and be with their family at the same time!

Please feel free to let me have your comments and just ask me if you want any help and advice.

Motivated by the Inspiration of Others and the Love of Music!

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12 Responses to How can I Get Out of this State of Overwhelm!…

  1. Well, John, you outdid yourself with this post. What on earth am I saying? I have almost no idea of all that you are capable of, so I’ll say it a different way: Superb. One post, two lists, three (oops ran of out of numbers) all interesting. Two comments:
    1) I think that we beat up on ourselves more than we should (what’s the proper metric and quantity of beating on on ourselves?) about shiny objects. I’ll wirte another piece for ezinePost about that. My thesis is that “shiny object syndrome” is a symptom of something else. For me, it’s a feeling of inadequacy or of deficiency. It’s not like I’m a baby enjoying something new being dangled before me, although that can be true. It’s more like, “If I were really prepared to do this entrepreneur thing, I’d have that or something like it. I don’t so gotta get it.”
    2) The one I’m worst on and that I don’t see in your second list is “Do something.Get out, get with people, do something. Fall on your ass, but do something.”
    Lookin’ forward to more.
    Best, Russ

    • John says:

      Well Russell, thank you for taking time out to send these comments.
      I really appreciate the message contained therein.
      That’s the problem with “shiny objects – you think this is the one that will make you a millionaire next year! AND it’s always next year – I’m running out of time! Something will happen – the Angel on my shoulder told me!!
      I like your comment that I did not include – thanks yes I will now!
      Later in April you will see some major changes!

      Cheers and thanks again.


    • John says:

      Hi Russell

      Many thanks indeed for your comments and I’ve added your point about doing something in my post.

      It is always so encouraging to get comments like yours. I feel I am on the right track!

      Cheers John

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    Boy have I ever been there. Getting to that point of feeling overwhelmed is also an indication that you are putting serious effort into your project or business. Still, knowing that doesn’t make getting out of that state of mind any easier. As have you, I’ve learned so much and gained some pretty awesome friends along the way. All that makes it worth it. In the end, your right, if its to be it’s up to me. :-)
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Easy Meatballs: #RecipeMy Profile

  3. terry says:

    Could relate very well to your blog and certainly have been there and might be there right now. There are a lot of people ” willing” to help me. But I agree, we need to weed out the garbage and just move forward.

  4. I hope you worked through your overwhelm in planning and writing this awesome post John. It is a Gremlin that gets us all in it’s clutches from time to time, especially when online marketing is not the only priority to be fitted in.
    I hope you have found a formula that can take you out of overwhelm, and a simple social sharing structure to do regularly and keep you in touch with your social circles. Being consistent is key with a basic structure – and focusing on one major project at a time is the simplest way … but I take my hat off to anyone who has it completely nailed!!
    Great work here John :)

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