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Who do you know that has any of these symptoms?

* High Blood Pressure  * Heart Disease  * Diabetes * Sexual Dysfunction * Dementia * Alzheimer’s  * Chronic Pain  * Migraine Headaches * Arthritis * Depression * Menopause  * Lack of Energy …

What is interesting is that everyone that has heart disease shares one thing in common, they are all lacking in Nitric oxide (NO). When you are lacking in Nitric oxide your blood vessels are stiff and sticky almost like Velcro. Plaque forms and sticks to the walls of your blood vessels and over time eventually blocks your blood flow! Not good!

So what’s the solution? Simple! Add more Nitric Oxide (NO) in your body! How do we get more Nitric Oxide in our body? In the past we got it from food sources but now our food is depleted from many nutrients! The best proven way to protect your body from this terrible disease is to take Proargi9 (I take 4 servings a day)

Taken consistently over time, Proargi9 makes your blood vessels flexible and smooth! When your blood vessels are smooth and flexible your body can absorb the plaque, balance sugar levels and so on!

Next let’s talk about everyone who is over weight! Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Did you know that Toxins are stored in fat cells?

If the blood vessel to your fat cell is blocked with plaque, how are you going to use the stored nutrition that your body needs to function? You don’t! So you end up eating more than you need because the body thinks its starving!

A few last important points: Face it, most all of us require more vitamins and minerals. What if you are unable to absorb these critical nutrients due to small blood vessels that are blocked with plaque…With this blockage, how much nutrition will be absorbed in your body? I dare say, not much!

In my career, I have personally seen over a thousand people get their cardio vascular system tested. These tests determine the “AGE” of your arteries. As an example, a 30 year old might have the system of a 70 year old etc…What scares me the most is to see children test 2 to 3 times their age! Diabetes is on the rise faster than any other disease out there! Please do your own research on this, prevention is so important!

If you were going on an airplane and knew there was only a 50% chance your plane would make it to your destination, would you get on that plane? No of course you would not get on that plane! But yet there is a 50% chance you have heart disease! Do not take a chance! take Proargi9!

Our goal is to save millions of lives! I travel the world to help as many people as I can and it is so rewarding!  With knowledge brings power so I ask you to join us and stand together as we educate people with this incredible product ProArgi9.

: Bart Woodcook 2110


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