Don’t Give Up – Just Work Hard!..Day 5 Part 1

Don’t Give Up – Just Work Hard!..Day 5 Part 1


Report on a Webinar presented by Jo Barnes of the Social Networking Academy on 15th November 2012

Before starting the following is a quote from Jo’s website:-

Sorry to tell you that, but Internet Marketing is just like any other real business, it takes vision, perseverance, tenacity, determination and a willingness to work your bottom off!
BUT, if you’re prepared to put the work in, the pay off far outways anything else out there (I know I’ve been an employee and an offline Business Owner).
This business gives you flexibility, freedom, a global marketplace and it’s FUN!!! That’s the main thing I LOVE about Social Media — it’s so SOCIAL!”
Jo did a survey about plans for 2013 and discovered gaps in the market but was surprised how many people were about to give up working on an internet business. Some said that there were those people who had an uncanny knack to be successful whilst so many others were giving up. The reasons were:-

•They were overwhelmed with so much going on in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Youtube. Where did they fit in and how could they stand out from the Crowd?
•Distraction – there were so many shiny objects, magic bullets, internet experts, numerous opportunities and click ads etc and after so much hard work they found that often the software didn’t work properly!
•Lack of Focus – you need to focus on your business with a clear plan for the future. You have to have a “decent” product, build a proper foundation, concentrate on training courses specific to your needs, identify your niche and target market and produce a massive amount of content in a quick and efficient manner.
•Lack of Self Esteem and Self Worth – who is going to take notice of you? What gives you the right to do what you want to do! ONLY YOU! You become the expert. You choose what you want to do – Just do it! Learn about setting up a fan page on Facebook – it only takes a few days – learn intensively! Be the person you want to be – take action and just do it!
•Other people have cornered the market – this is rubbish because you can put your own personal mark on it. Collaborate with others and be creative in what you do. You are unique and don’t worry about competition.
•We don’t get enough approval – your efforts appear to be insignificant – you must not seek approval too much, just action your own ideas and prove that these are good ideas! All you do is to undertake a short market survey for your idea to find out whether it is viable or not.
•We don’t do enough – we think too much! You need to set yourself deadlines – write an article in say 20 minutes and stick to it. You can train yourself to be disciplined in this way. You probably spend too much time networking when you should be working on things that produce results!
•You don’t have a big enough reason why – you have to get out of your comfort zone otherwise you will just soldier along aimlessly. You must have a clear picture of what you want and what you want to achieve.

Jo’s story

•She started her internet business in March 2010 and worked with a mentor who turned her skills around on the internet. During the first six months she tried so many opportunities because she was so distracted but in the August she started work in earnest on Facebook. She built a strong business and a database very quickly. She sold her product to 2000 fans in 27 days and also started up with other products based on templates and this was going well
•However, she and her partner started to have doubts. They felt they had gone about as far as they could go. Their backs were against the wall and their credit cards were “maxed out.” They had a long chat and decided to call it a day. But read the book “The Dip” by Seth Godin.
•But all of a sudden, something inside Jo said she always had a dream from when she was younger, to live and work abroad and enjoy life with her partner and children. They decided to keep going and then produced the Social Networking Academy by determination empowered by a strong why. This is the only difference between success stories and millions of people who quit and don’t achieve their dreams.
•It is not luck, just don’t quit but start doing things positively and quick! Jo produced a product in 24 hours, prepared a report and placed it on Facebook for marketing to her database and then achieved great results straightaway.
•The key to success is to work hard, know your target market, produce sales letters and use templates (sometime borrowed!) and give away a free gift.
•Focus on your niche market – it’s a life-changing experience and you build on that forever. You are in it to win it! And simply continue to do it. Just understand your “why” and be passionate about it. Believe in yourself – if not fake it! Stop looking for that magic button.

With special thanks to Jo Barnes who inspired much of this content.

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Inspired by Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars and Game of Tribes for which many thanks.

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Don’t Give Up – Just Work Hard

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