Does working with like-minded people make sense?

Does working with like-minded people make sense?

An article “Unveiling The Mysteries Of Success – The POWER of LANGUAGE” was written by David Wood recently. He set a task about the recent San Diego Convention but I wish to relate to the next one!

I want to set out my intentions of what I’m going to make happen between now and the Convention in Austin, Texas in January 2013.

I would visualise sitting in the Austin Convention Center in January gathered with some 3,000 fanatical Empower Network members, looking at my laptop and realising that I have made the most important decision ever to have joined Empower Network and to work with like-minded people in a group. I will be listening to the hypnotic language and voice of David Sharpe as he roars out to the audience and visualise that I have come a long way in a short period of time and feeling very satisfied with myself and realizing that in a few weeks, my marketing has been transformed  by the power of my words and language patterns… all because I decided to listen EXACTLY to what I was told to do…  It’s amazing how easy it is to create the shift in your mind.  Click Here for Language Mastery Series

Saeeda Ahmed commented on the recent San Diego Convention: – “Belief, hope and mindset were spoken about quite a lot this last weekend in San Diego at the Empower Network event.  Most of us have so much going on in our minds that sometimes it is hard to focus and get things done.  We have all the intentions in the world to do things which will get us closer to our goals, but sometimes or maybe even more than sometimes, never get round to doing them.  Or, we may start to do them, but never finish or do them consistently.  When I say things, I am talking about things which will take us closer to achieving our goals.”

In thanking Saeeda Ahmed for her blog I commented “I have read some of your blogs before but the title of your latest blog about San Diego caught my attention. I am into my third age! But I really appreciate all that you said about your thoughts on Empower Network – truly well written. It helped me to feel how you felt about the event as if I had been there!”

Although I only have limited funds to invest in network marketing at present I know what it takes and what to do to become successful.

Saeeda is going through exciting times with her family and business and deserves every success. It is a pity that so many think that they can get something for little or no hard work!

I firmly believe that the best way forward in network marketing is to work with like-minded people. You hear of the gurus who get together and help each other. One cannot possibly work on their own and try to achieve the success of such gurus. So if you are able to find a group of people to work with then that is great. Actually I think I have found the way forward to discover the mysteries to success! 

The best thing is to have someone to mentor you with a group of like-minded people who are all willing to help each other.  I am so grateful to be introduced to this way of doing business.  It’s a proven training platform which leads to multiple streams of income. Step by step training is given on exactly what to do and more importantly HOW TO DO IT.  There are lots of people who will tell you what to do, but no one will tell you how to do it. That I think is the difference.


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3 Responses to Does working with like-minded people make sense?

  1. Saeeda Ahmed says:

    Enjoyed reading your post John and your intentions which will move you up to the next level. We are very lucky to be part of this fantastic team with awesome leaders! Thank you for mentioning me in your post:) We will all get there together, can’t wait!!!

  2. Hey John,

    Would you prefer for me to comment here or on empower network?

    Anyways, Yes, as a blogger who has been blogging for a while, I do understand the importance of networking with like minded folks (but, does that mean we should stop there? Most people tend to stop there. We should also work on networking with people who are already established and well known – they can help us a lot – and people who are just starting out :D).

    Networking is powerful and very effective if we make active effort to build those relationships 😉

    Jeevan Jacob John

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