Do you know where you’re going and who’s coming with you in 2013?…

Do you know where you’re going and who’s coming with you in 2013?…

Now that’s a leading question! I do know where I’m going but it’s a never ending battle to turn the corner! I am going in the right direction but all the time I get distracted and that is something that I am fighting against with great passion!

Do you have what it takes!

They say “Find your passion and have unstoppable vision in 2013″ – In a recent webinar by Darren Little he said you must have goals, direction and purpose. Live your passion and mine is Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars! – I know where I’m going!


First of all, you should understand why goals are so important!

1) Gives a destination

2) Sense of purpose and accomplishment

3) Boosts your confidence and self-esteem

4) Improves the quality of your life

Write down your goals – this is a very personal strategy. Without doing that you have no destination and a sense of feeling lost. As Tony Robbins mentioned ” You are either climbing or sliding – there is no in-between.”

Two worlds exist simultaneously

  • Everything you want
  • Everything you don’t want

Which ever one you focus on is the one you’re going to get! What you think is what you are.

You should charter your own course – why not not financial freedom? Just focus on your passion so what’s stopping you? There can be all sorts of excuses so “feel the fear and do it anyway!” People underestimate themselves.

How do you set goals? – Break down the main areas…

  • Health & Fitness
  • Spiritual & Emotional Well-being
  • Family & Relations
  • Career & Travel
  • Financial Freedom

Get to the core of why you want to achieve each goal and give yourself more of what you want. Goals must be believable otherwise they will not manifest in your subconscious mind. To help you in that direction WHY not make a….

VISION BOARD – to find out how to do that go to:

Darren Little recommends the 3 dimensional effect not flat reality! Tap into the emotional FEELING of success. Thoughts direct emotions.

Fighters flourish in tough times

At this stage I wish to introduce…

Philippe Drolet’s “How To Set Yourself Up For An Epic Successful 2013?…..

Are You Ready?

Here are Phil’s 3 step process for epic success in 2013

Step #1 – Review 2012 Objectively

Give yourself the gift of an hour to explore the following questions:

  • a) What are the things I accomplished I’m most proud of?
  • b) What were my biggest life lessons? What did I learn?
  • c) Where did I drop the ball? What did I not do very well?
  • d) What do I want to do differently in 2013?

Step #2 – Set Your Vision + Goals for 2013

Creating a plan for our year gives a lot of context to everything we’re going to do… it’s like a road-map to where we want to go.

  • Answer the following questions:

  • a) What’s my personal mission statement? What do I stand for?
  • b) What virtues do I want to embody in the world?
  • c) For each of the following 5 categories, what are…

my long-term vision and …my top 4 goals for the year?

  • 1. Career
  • 2. Health
  • 3. Spirituality
  • 4. Relationships
  • 5. Contribution
  • d) Who will I need to be to achieve all my dreams and goals?
  • e) Why is this so important to me?
  • f) What is my vision of the past, present and future?

Now print those out and put them on your wall where you can see them every day.

Step#3 – Resolutions for 2013

Instead of overwhelming yourself, ask yourself these 2 questions:

  • a) What is the one thing I could start doing that would have the greatest positive impact in my life?
  • Then start doing it.
  • b) What is the one thing I could stop doing that would have the greatest positive impact in my life.
  • Then stop doing it.
  • Focus on those 2 for at least 30 days… and if by the time February rolls around you’re crushing it, feel free to choose 2 new ones.
  • But for now, ONLY focus on those 2.

You’ll be on your way to a year where you take every area of your life to a whole new level.

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5 Responses to Do you know where you’re going and who’s coming with you in 2013?…

  1. Love your quotes in this post, John. It’s so important to have a vision and know what path you are taking to your goals otherwise it is very easy to get distracted. You think you are moving in the right direction but you are not taking the route you set out on so may miss your goals by miles. The vision board is also a great encouragement as you can look to it each day and know where you are headed.

    In life coaching we use a wheel that we divide into segments. Each segment represents an area of your life and you can score each area of life out of ten. The purpose of this is to head towards a ten for all areas so the wheel runs smoothly.

    Enjoy the journey.


    • John says:

      Many thanks for your comments, Mandy. I have found it very difficult to bring all my goals together under one “post!” I sometimes feel as though I am swimming just under the surface of the water, never quite feeling on top of my game! However, I am learning more and more each day and gradually accomplishing the tasks that have been set for me, on my journey to the top.

      What you say about your “coaching wheel” is interesting – any information please?

      I am enjoying my journey, thank you and good people like you make it more so.



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  3. George Park says:

    Great post John, without focus, amongst the other things, we will never achieve what we want.

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