Being a Survivor and Not Giving Up!.. Day 17 Part 2

Being a Survivor and Not Giving Up!.. Day 17 Part 2 

Art of blogging

Continuing with a final summary about the “art of blogging” I would say that this is the essence, in fact the cornerstone, to a successful online business.

Main Points made by  Ankit Kumar Singla

Why we should update our blog regularly and what are the benefits of daily blogging?

  • It helps to improve ranking of blog posts in search engines
  • Gives us higher indexing rate and build search engines trust
  • Surefire way to build solid blog readership
  • Increase Alexa Ranking and Google Page Rank.
  • Attract numberless readers that give us high traffic.
  • Increase blog revenue by attracting advertisers towards our blog.


  • The conclusion of this post is only that if there are lots of benefits of updating our blog regularly then we must focus on this strategy.


Personally, I think that since subscribing to Beth’s 30 Day Blog Post Challenges, this exercise has developed my confidence enormously and everything else seems to flow from that together with making contact with people who you know, like and trust. This takes a little while but the time spent here in the early days will pay massive dividends later!

You have to be patient, work hard, associate with like-minded people, be focused and keep to a time management plan.

success takes time

Success will not come overnight but if you persevere and have faith with the people you are working with all your dreams and aspirations will come true. Your journey will take many different twists and turns along the road and you will be faced with many challenges, but you will win through. You will discover all these things if as I say, you associate with people whom you will know, like and trust and who will help and guide you along the right pathways to success.

All of the benefits which I have already mentioned have come from joining the Game of Tribes which starts up again in September – after reading the blogs below please let me know if you are interested in finding out more information about all this, just send me an email to me at:

I also wish to remind you about Beth Hewitt’s 30 Day Blog Post Challenge  You may join now and join in the fun!… Just click the link with just a purely nominal fee to pay.

Of the remaining 13 blogs of this Competition, the next one will be written specially for the 18th Day – Sunday 18th August!  – a day when you should have a rest from the daily toil of blogging so look out for “And Now for Something of a Religious Nature!..Day 18″

Then for the last 12 blogs, I will write about different aspects of online business and network marketing giving information of value to you as it has given value to me.

If you wish to ask me to write a blog on some particular points please just send me an email to

Final Tip – by the way, in the normal way of things it is not necessary to write a blog every day but it is being consistent. Many bloggers may only write say twice a week and it it the quality of the contents that matters.


With special thanks to all those who have inspired me to write/contribute to this content in particular Ankit Kumar Singla

I want to remind you about Beth Hewitt’s 30 Day Blog Post Challenge? You may join now and join in the fun!… Just click the link.

Build. Lead. Inspire

Inspired by Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars and Game of Tribes for which many thanks.

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