Being a Survivor and Not Giving Up!.. Day 16 Part 1

Being a Survivor and Not Giving Up!.. Day 16 Part 1

never give up

Oh joy of joys! I have reached the halfway stage in my quest in completing a 30 Day Competition and that is: Beth’s Simple Blogging Competition!

This is the third time that I have entered this Competition – in fact I have subscribed to all 3 of them – January 2013, April 2013 and now this one – August 2013. AND FOR THE FIRST TIME I am right up to date with them  – Day 16 on Day 16! and IN FACT  I HAVE ALREADY SUPERSEDED THE NUMBER OF BLOG POSTS THAT I WROTE IN THE FIRST TWO COMPETITIONS!

Now doesn’t that tell you something! These 30 Day Competitions organised by Beth Hewitt really challenge you every time. It doesn’t matter if you don’t complete the Competition in time but what is so important is the way it has been put together to encourage you to go for it!

There are tremendous “spin-off” benefits by signing up to this Competition. Personally I have gained tremendous experience in writing blogs every day by having a “step by step” routine:

30 Day blog

  • Write on any subject of your choice – let the juices flow!
  • Title your blog with a controversial statement/question to “tease” people to read it
  • At the start include an interesting image that is relevant
  • Create good content which can only come with practice and looking at the way others write their blogs
  • Include one or two other  images where appropriate
  • An interesting video from youtube may be included
  • To make the blog more “readable”
  1. include occasional “underlining” to emhasise a piece of content
  2. break up the content occasionally as featured here
  3. at times make a part of the content in larger letters and figures to emhasise an important statement etc
  4. it follows that you may also wish to make some content in bold print
  5. FINALLY you should sign off by:-

1. giving credit to those where you have used some of their original content – this is common practice

2. tagging – comes from experience and practice – refer to the following link for more information: –

3. then a brief statement about what you do. See my details below as an example

4. in the first instance you could just write a few blogs about yourself so your readers get to know you and then in later blogs introduce them to one of your products – see my reference to Click here to find out more about the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit – a proven formula to make money online

Salutation image

  • AND FINALLY – the salutation which has many different features which have grown through your own requirements! Once again refer to my own salutation at the end of this blog for more ideas

Now, I have been happy to contribute much content to this blog but all this is only a taster of what you could learn about online business and social networking. I am a member of Gavin Mountford’s Game of Tribes and by joining this unique Group you will never look back and wonder whatever you were doing before! For further details just send an email to me at:-

Being a Survivor and Not Giving Up!.. Day 17 Part 2 will follow on Day 17!

I also wish to remind you about Beth Hewitt’s 30 Day Blog Post Challenge  You may join now and join in the fun!… Just click the link with just a purely nominal fee to pay.

With special thanks to Beth Hewitt who inspired me to write/contribute to this content. 

I want to remind you about Beth Hewitt’s 30 Day Blog Post Challenge? You may join now and join in the fun!… Just click the link.

Build. Lead. Inspire

Inspired by Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars and Game of Tribes for which many thanks.

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Click here to find out more about the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit – a proven formula to make money online

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