Before You Start To Know or not to Know that Is the Question?.. ILSK Part 4 Day 22

Before You Start To Know or not to Know that Is the Question?.. ILSK Part 4 Day 22

To know or not to know

Updating to the latest version – WordPress 3.6 – makes your writing experience even better.  

On your Dashboard – click on Settings and go down to Privacy to save either the choice of public or restricted. 

The best advice is to allow visibility to everyone including search engines (such as Google, Yahoo etc) and archivers.

Then go down to Permalinks to help with your keyword optimisation – eg  Common Structure – detailed instructions are contained in the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit Program (ILSK). As you will appreciate here I only have limited space available for further details.

Widgets – by default WordPress also produce some widgets which you may not want to appear on your website. For instance on the right hand sidebar there are Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Archives, Categories and Meta. So you return to the Dashboard in order to remove those items which you do not wish to appear on your website (ILSK).

Afterwards refresh your website and those removed items will not appear accordingly. Of course any of these items may be restored in the future.

Pages Vs. Blog Posts

The big difference between pages and blogposts and where you should use each.

Posts appear automatically but pages have to be created. These are like say – Welcome, About Me, Products, Contact etc.

Back to the Dashboard there are 3 Test Posts and 2 Test Pages which have been created. If you refresh the website, the Posts and Pages will appear by default.

As you may wish to control where you want to put Pages into other Menus, we will look at how we do that in the next video.

Now, bear in mind that by this step by step method of training you will be able to build your own website by the end of it and certainly we are always here to help you.

At this stage in the proceedings you may find the following blog interesting to read – this is by Paudie Callaghan -<< just click here>>

These are ongoing posts giving you a framework about setting up a website with more details to follow. In the next post we will talk about where to put Pages into other Menus.

There is no doubt that ILSK will help enormously to explain in simple terms the step by step approach to all those who want to find out more.


Click here to find out more about the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit – a proven formula to make money online.

Upon the purchasing of The Starter Kit there will be updates and extra bonuses on Facebook Marketing 2013, Attraction Marketing, Internet Marketing as a Home Business and many other resources.

With special thanks to Chris and Susan Beesley and Greg and Fiona Scott who are the co-authors of Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit who have inspired me to write/contribute to this content.

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Beth Hewitt’s 30 Day Blog Post Challenge? There is still time to join now and have some fun!… Just click the link.

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Click here to find out more about the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit – a proven formula to make money online.

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