Be careful not to over-communicate! Guide Day 12

Be careful not to over-communicate!
My 30 Day Simple Network Marketing Guide Day 12

Do you ever communicate too much especially when using social media sources for communication?

Communication on the internet

According to Wikipedia, “Social Media is a portal for social interaction using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.”

The proliferation of mobile devices, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, YouTube etc have affected the levels of communication enormously – they have gone out of control along with the days of privacy. With GPS enabled phones, we can even track where a friend is going. These days now you have to be more careful than ever in what we say and do especially on social media sites.  You cannot re-tract a comment once you’ve clicked that “enter” button – it is permanent. You may think that you can delete it whenever you like but unfortunately there are so many other social sites connected to sites like Twitter and Facebook that may have captured that “Tweep” or “Status Update” so that it is still out there, thus still potentially creating a problem.

Global communication

Just don’t be “too” interactive – be careful what you write on the internet. Let your online experience be an empowering one as a way to properly interact with your friends and professional associates.

“Are you feeling unstoppable?

However comfortable and successful you feel about your social media experience you must remember that your “Branding” is all about “You.” Always be in control of your “Brand,” not by somebody else! Perception about your “Brand” is not always about reality but involves “your appearance, personality and character traits, beliefs and attitudes, skills, and the accomplishments for which you are best known” – all coming together. Your Brand and reputation just doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a long journey. It requires a lot of hard work to bring that creativity and authenticity together:-

  • For others to appreciate who you are and what your values are
  • To attract what you want and become more attractive to others
  • To inspire humble confidence that opens doors
  • To walk with undeniable integrity, and to be “far from the maddening crowd” so that you can distinguish yourself in whatever field you choose with due dignity and class.

Just ask yourself a few questions?

  1. Do we realise how important our “Brand” is and how so often it is overlooked?
  2. Do we know how important it is to be current, relevant to our niche, our expertise and to be accurate?
  3. When we meet people do we genuinely live up to their expectations?
  4. Do we let ourselves down by not being consistent with all the expertise at our finger tips?

Internet technology has given us a unique and powerful way of presenting ourselves to others on a global basis so long as we are proficient with social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) and running our own websites – a really great way to put over our message and image in a real and current way without ambiguity and with elegance without “hype, spin or fluff”.

Personal brands, like any other brand, only connect and build long-term relationships when they are authentic, and to be authentic you have to know who you really are! Then your brand becomes truly unique.

“Embrace each opportunity…the challenges you’ve given yourself. The way you approach them speaks volumes about who you are…”

Communication crosswords

Social Media and Being an Empowered Leader

Social Media has an impact on everyone’s lives these days providing unique opportunities to build your Brand and to develop long-term relationships that fosters growth with others. Being an empowered leader using social media does not only help with your financial success but also encourages leverage to make a difference in our society today.

Believing in the expression “Giver’s gain”I am firmly of the opinion that whilst building your own brand and your business you should make a commitment to yourself that you will give back in some way what you have done and achieved to empower others to do likewise by embracing financial freedom and quality of life. Giving back will empower you to help others to live a life of unstoppable success.

“When you focus on others, you create leadership that is an empowered, unstoppable force…”

Inspired by Martin Casper with many thanks

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