Are you satisfied with what you have done in 2014?

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Do you feel good about 2015? I know everyone has a crummy year sometimes!

What are your plans for December – the most important month of the year!

Plans are undertaken in 90 day cycles or quarterly so that there is order in the camp!

You have to think like big business; they run in 90 day cycles and issue quarterly reports. You can tilt the scales and have control in 2015 and take advantage of everyone else’s laziness!

Be straight up – “say it as it is” says Diane Hochman. Out of 1000 people say 4 are making real money, 30 on good money and the rest are not –  are they just lazy?

In December many people slowdown in their working schedules but everything still runs in cycles just like big businesses.

FACEBOOK - Get-More-Fans-for-Your-Facebook-Page-Step-1-Version-2

Did you know that Facebook is changing many of its ways of working in January?

I believe that this will include the way Fan pages and Adverts will work.

Now the secret to everything you want is in building a community. The money you want is sitting in other people’s pockets! Facebook says people don’t like receiving loads of adverts but Facebook is paid for by ads! Now I hear them say you will be obligated to pay them if you wish to use Fan pages!

But if you build communities and relationships you won’t be affected.

Diane says that in December your biggest focus is meeting people, building relationships and creating communities. Security is in your network and not in business opportunities.


What do you do now? – no, you don’t do cosy chats with people but find out how you can help them. So first of all develop your “Brain Dump” ie – list everything you can help people with and act as though your life depends on it in December! Then flood the market place with all this activity. By January people will say “who is this guy or girl?” You could have a serious number of people to show them how you can help them.

2015 depends on what you do in this month of December! By mid January everyone begins to wake up after the festivities and you will be well known by then. Of course people do get excited about the opportunities on offer at the start of the New Year but after a week or too disillusionment may well set in. You have to realise that a longer period is required for any real success but if work hard and smart you will achieve results. You become more visible.

You will never create a “buying frenzy” if you don’t build relations, create communities and get your name out there; of course you will have the option to pay for advertising – often quite expensive!

If you don’t think you can achieve your goals, you are going to lose money! You need to make a change to your mindset – then you can be successful.

You can do all that fancy stuff – videos, adverts etc but if you can build a buying group of people who know, like and trust you, you’re onto a winner! So when you recommend something people tend to react in a positive way and purchase it from you.

There is a psychological resistance to meeting people but when you stop doing the complicated stuff and concentrate on the simple stuff it will start to work!

New Year Resolutions

Make your plans and fix your goals now! Do you believe in New Year’s Resolutions?” Well many of us know that we rarely keep to them!

You just need to build a community on Facebook. You must meet people and build a community. A lot of people want a home-based business but often get inundated with different offers most of them as “Shiny objects!”

If you’ve got $30,000 Diane Hochman could introduce you to contacts to generate leads by advertising but of course most people starting out do not have that sort of money. It is better to follow the simple route. One guy decided to follow this simple plan a year ago and one year on he has achieved so much and paid off his car and now pays his monthly bills with ease and has money available to enjoy some of the good things in life! He followed someone who showed him this simple process and now has the quality of life he wants.



There is just one thing you really need to purchase and that is an autoresponder such as Aweber. Buy it through someone as it attracts a small commission – why not!


Diehards will win! Things to do:-

  • You can make related videos introducing trainings and knowledge. Get their name and email address so you can capture them in your autoresponder.
  • The purpose is to promote content and here we are not talking about fancy stuff like Search Engine Optimisation, how to generate more leads etc.
  • You make a simple video and introduce a training. The more you do the more you will become recognised.
  • Then you will get emails saying your video was incredible and then you will know that you are getting to critical mass. And that is how you become a legend!

 Helpful comments

  1. You don’t need to use a video camera,  just your webcam or mobile phone.
  2. Are you prepared to get over your ego and just go out there and teach?
  3. How many people know how to do google hangouts, seo’s etc – not many!
  4. Create a simple training and go out to people and say you’ve just produced something which may be of interest to them.
  5. It is all in the practice – the more you do the easier it becomes.


You can use Screencast-o-matic or a similar tool if you wish. Once again buy it through someone as it attracts a small commission – why not!

You must have a call to action. – write your Brain Dump now!

It should only take an hour a day. Lots of people like the concept but how many are willing to work hard?

YOU MUST DO A DRAIN DUMP TODAY – Work hard now in December and you will develop a workflow for next year.

 Diane Hochman

Source of reference and inspiration – Diane Hochman

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Source of Reference – Diane Hochman for which many thanks.

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  1. John says:

    This is a post I wrote in December in preparation for 2015.. II am building a website in conjunction with a friend of mine to serve the Retirement Industry. Once a week I will be writing a blog to tell you about my journey into network marketing and how things are progressing. Along the way, I will share information with you and of course I am sure that my passion for singing will raise some emotions! At present I am working on my personal website and blogs will flow from there until my Retirement Industry website is up and running in the months ahead.
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