Are you in or out? Guide Day 7

Are you in or out? Guide Day 7

My 30 Day Simple Network Marketing Guide Day 7

Social Media Will Change Your Life Forever – you’ve got to believe it!…
Are You Ready? It comes down to this…are you in or out?

Social media is here to stay. Are you willing to achieve success through social media by using all available tools? If you are not ready to adapt…then social media is not for you. You have to realise that the world has become a smaller place through the evolution of social media such as Facebook, Linked-In, YouTube and Twitter and by using social media your networking capabilities are greatly increased…

If you want to succeed you have to concentrate on what’s to hand and use your time wisely in everything you do.

Social media is involving itself into every part of our lives, but most individuals just don’t know how to harness its many tactical strategies – ie its great power to integrate social media and use of your time. Time management is another challenge because so few of us have any clue how to manage our time! It is amazing how we are able to arrange the power of social media to improve our response times, our tools and strategic plans so that we can  bring all this together in a positive way.

But, are you ready to set up your basic business structure? There has never been a better time to move forward into the world of social media. Can you lead by example or are you happy just spending your time “cloning” someone else’s success? “You can learn from others’ experiences, but it is not possible for you to be successful when you are trying to be like them. Leadership has many voices. You need to be who you are, not attempt to
emulate someone else.”

Without doubt, it is the integrity of a person that is critical in any business scenario and requires a major commitment on your part to realise your potential and drive yourself forward to bring long-term results through the good and bad times . You have to know yourself, first of all, before you can find the inspiration to make an impact on other people with whom you are in touch with around the world.

You have to make a serious commitment to developing yourself but it is not necessary to be born with the characteristics of a leader – however, commitment is a major key to being successful with social media because it is one of the biggest challenges you will face and to have the ability to serve others.

“When you reach out your hand to help someone stand up…you create a bond of unstoppable power and unity that is unbreakable…a mark of being truly authentic”

Being a leader makes some people feel uneasy – they make excuses to avoid leadership but…guess what…they manage somehow!

Empowered leaders recognize that they not only inspire those around them but also to step up and take the lead – by “delegating” and not from “managing” people. Real leaders must be able to step outside of the box and push the “go button” and take the risk. True leaders are risk takers. They are the ones who subscribe to the highest level of personal and corporate integrity; also they hold themselves accountable in all aspects of their lives and are not afraid of  “pushing through” rather than it only being some sort of financial gain.

Success in social media requires leadership that can provide a balance between the “social” aspects of social media and the levels of professionalism for a long term business model.

And don’t forget “Opportunity often presents itself when you least expect it. Seize the moment and never look back.”

What is so important about Social Media – it is in essence the coming together of traditional communication and modern day networking to create a platform whereby information can be sent in various ways and directions simultaneously. Key elements include the ability communicate rapidly and to build large tribes of followers.

Inspired by Martin Casper

More in Day 8 of the Guide

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6 Responses to Are you in or out? Guide Day 7

  1. Katie Hughes says:

    I totally agree that using social media and embracing it is a big risk for some people. There’s a portion of our community who don’t like to be in the spotlight, even if that spotlight is through their computer.
    I’ve found it helpful to suggest “selective transparency” to these individuals. They decide on aspects of their life they are willing to be open about and portions they are not. Defining those instances that they are OK sharing with the world ahead of time makes social media so much easier for them. They aren’t afraid to share those particular things and they don’t feel totally exposed.

    It’s a tough road for some people. However, taking the leap is almost inevitable, especially in business these days. It has to be done, and the sooner the better.


  2. Hi John this is a powerful post. I totally agree with you about the power and importance of social media. And how leaders can lead by being different and not just cloning others. But as you say we have to be willing to adapt and ready to change. I know that you were someone who has faced a huge learning curve but embraces it and used it. Well done 😉 Angus

  3. We do have to go with the modern ways as sticking to the old routes won’t get us anywhere fast now. Thanks for sharing, John.
    Enjoy the journey.

  4. John says:

    Hi Mandy Since I really got involves in networking these last twelve months or so even then I noticed tremendous changes. I hope to reflect that in My 30 Day Guide. Thanks for your comments. Cheers John

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